Is this Minecraft Cookie Clicker 2? New cookie challenge 2017! 🍪
A race to see who can poison 1000 parrots first! Who will win?
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We’ve come up with a verses challenge where we place a total of 1000 parrots down in a custom arena with 500 parrots in each person’s side and try to POISON ALL OF THE PARROTS ON YOUR SIDE FIRST USING COOKIES! It’s almost like cookie clicker with all the cookies and the clicking, except instead of making cookies you’re using cookies to poison parrots!


Cookie Clicker with Jacob – HOW TO GET INFINITY COOKIES CHEAT! – https://youtu.be/pBCvtFM_AM8

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Welcome back Brites! Let’s play some video games! TeraBriteGames is SabrinaBrite and DJ who also make up the band TeraBrite. Sometimes we even like to feature our friends and family in our video game adventures. The little kids playing Minecraft on our channel are Jacob and Adan who are Sabrina’s little brothers. Our videos are mostly family friendly, child friendly and kid friendly gaming videos with no swearing / no cussing / no cursing. We play many different games such as Minecraft, Pokemon, ROBLOX, indie games, fnaf, mobile games, console games and much more! Hope to see you return for more funny gameplay! Let’s make 2017 awesome! Thanks for the favorites, likes, and shares! It’s what keeps the Brite Army alive! Also, thanks for accepting these videos for what they are.. People playing Minecraft and ROBLOX and sharing it with the world. Yes, we know.. we suck… very badly!

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  1. I think DJ might have got some of your EXP you left behind by the divider wall he ended up collecting and that is why his EXP was higher.

  2. Terabrite Games you know if you click the number on your keyboard you can switch to a inventory slot faster