1000s of birds appear to float through sky like stands of silk!

DEC 20, 2017: Springfield, Illinois



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  1. I had saw this same phenomenon happening in the central valley of California on 12/26/17. The birds were in those formations flying east. They all broke formation at the same time flew in a circle once then flew north for a few hundred yards formed up again and continued east.

  2. Here in NW Oregon. Migration of most birds were about a month "Late" this year. They also all came at once. Instead of spread out over a weeks time. East wind has been blowing strong. More then usual this fall/winter season. SW winds.Low pressure.Winter storms are the normal pattern here on the Oregon coast.. Not this east wind. Jet Stream seems to have changed here. 12/15/17 a few Frogs were singing in my back yard. I NEVER hear Frogs in December. Saw a Yellow Jack fly around Too. In December. It has been in the low 30's high 40's. Strange…

  3. Alien birds/ ai tech/ or bats or flies this is spoke on in revelations as a plague

  4. Mr. Bruce I have just captured this same type of birds moving the exactly same way, it's def something based off the energy, Pgh , pa when sun set, the purp /blue/green wave pulse is clear as day. Even green gas and vapors I can see with the gusts. This is not worldly/ it's very dark omnious and calm above. Why is it so calm, it's eerily quiet and a weird chill freezing in the air. We're not in a normal Spot in the universe. Something is coming in and putting a cap of some sort of electrical dome. Check artic , heavenly realm (the fall and casting out). It all coming together from biblical sense and timeline

  5. It's the second sign before the eclipse first fish then birds then eclipse I wonder if a eclipse will happen today

  6. I saw some type of large black birds fly in groups like this very high over clear south Texas skies about six months ago. They flew in a drifting circular pattern as if they didn't know which why to go until they finally drifted out of sight 20 or so min. later. It was alarming

  7. Its actually geese flying into a headwind,I work in the countryside and see it every day,grey geese and barnacle geese slow down and seem to hover but theyre following the lead goose down to a field where they can graze ,you would think they are floating if you catch them at the right angle..but interesting anyway

  8. Totally normal. Happens every year when geese fly south to warmer areas…. I see them all the time. If you're aware of the changes in seasons. You can actually hear the geese honking if you listen. Very common sight in N.W. Arkansas.

  9. It’s called migration… Love this channel, but it’s not a freak flock