Hello parrot lovers,
I feel like this video may not FEEL like it applies to those of you who have parrots already…but I believe that it ESPECIALLY applies to us parrot owners and the reason why is because…
We are the ones that parrots have, to stand up for their rights!
We are the ones taking care of parrots that no one can deal with.
We are the ones who understand these little souls and how fragile their emotions are!
So we are the only ones that can make everyone else who isn’t aware…aware now!
We are the ones who can share this video passionately and hope it gets in to the hands of some poor little abandoned parrot’s owner and they get the message and learn how to Engage and not cage their parrot!

Please help me get this message out! We need people to know what they are doing to birds when they forget about or cage them!

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  1. things I prefer reptiles over birds
    reptiles won't go psychotic without contact in fact you never have to touch it
    they need less time yoy dnt have to cook. And they don't make noise

    I love parrots though

  2. I was looking into getting a parrot but I don't have the time at the moment. I will have a parrot when I have the time but I have the time to have a reprile at the moment

  3. number 1 is enough to inform me that we do not deserve to keep these beautiful creatures as pets.. but hey someone gets paid right.. so it's right..

  4. Every time I go to a petshop and see some of the beautiful parrots for sale, it breaks my heart wondering what might happen to them. I'm always hoping that whoever gets one of these birds has done their research and is ready for the commitment.
    Also, another point I'd add is cost, not just after the purchase of the bird but for the rest of the birds life. Cages, toys and food are all so expensive when it comes to birds. Whilst you can get a lot of cheap products for other pets, for birds it doesn't seem to be the case. Here in Australia I need to pay around $30 for a 2kg bag of quality bird pellets. In a lot of stores they offer cheap bird seed and no pellet range, Australia is lacking greatly on parrot food. Most of our brands only offer seed and the selection of pellets is tiny.

  5. Thanks for educating us and giving us information about birds .Awesome video

  6. Excellent and practical advice. Birds are extremely time consuming.

  7. aaah! birds throwing knives. imagine explaining that to the cops

  8. I have two birds a green cheek conure and a amazon parrot. There are the loves of my life. But everything Marlene said is so true. My green cheek conure especially, if I have the amazon out he starts screaming and such. Same with the amazon. Especially when I go to school I have to keep a radio on because they will scream non stop if they don't see me or hear a voice. P.s radios come in handy.

  9. I have two cockatiels and I love them both to pieces. Just the other day they got out of my closed in porch and was outside for hours. Anything could of happened to them but luckily they were safe.

    While searching for the second bird I went behind my neighbor's house (she has parrots) and found her blue and yellow macaw with his head stuck between the garage door and her house. If I had not of been there and contacted her he would have died because she only visits her house once a week to care for her birds. If you are wondering how it happened he got out of his cage and saw an opening at the top of the door and wedged his head.

  10. I have only one large bird and he definitely took over my life!

    …..still love him though 😉

  11. this was so sweet and passionate, i cried a little thinking of all the burbs caged away cause people might not know some of these points. i was definitely a person who didnt know anything about parrots. i thought they werent that smart especially the ones in pet stores (wrong!). i also thought they lived in a cage and was content with it (totally wrong). when my bird flew into my life, i got serious and did lots of research. he has become my reason for every i do. yeah, i dont go out as much cause he'd be lonely. so i stay home and watch netflix. he bites other people so leaving home for a few days requires extra planning and the right babysitter. renting housing is difficult cause he can be loud. but i wouldnt give him up for anything. he's the love of my life. thanks for the video marlene!

  12. It's so funny how some people see videos giving reasons to not get a parrot and say "I'm up for this," then eventually go out and get a parrot. It's like we were destined from the start! c:

  13. Fantastic video Marlene – everyone should have to watch this before getting a parrot. There are a lot of pointers in this vid that people wouldn't even think about! It's all so true – you are right on point. X

  14. Amazijg video, I wish all new bird owners would watch this 😍 Would you say that Jersey is most bonded with your sister?

  15. excellent. if I ever get a bird, I wanna walk around with the bird wherever I go. I wonder if you can get them to be a service animal!!??

  16. Thank you so much for making this video! It's easy to find videos on the reasons why to get a parrot, but it's not so easy to find one telling you all the reasons not too. After watching this video, I have concluded that I am able to care for a parrot, because I now know what to expect.

    I was wondering if you could make a video showing us all of the parrots that you currently own. I think we've seen most of them in one video in another, but it would be awesome to see them all!