How Teach Your Parrot To Talk — Talking Parrot #p2

How Teach Your Parrot To Talk — Talking Parrot #p2

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Teaching your bird to talk can be fun, even if it can only say a single word. Alex the African Grey parrot has a vocabulary of over one hundred words, can hold short conversations, and even invented his own name for almonds, “cork nut”.Though amusing, a bird as intelligent as this should never be purchased just to have a talking pet. These birds require a lot of love and attention, and they can live for decades, in cases even outliving their owners.

1) Learn about your bird. Not all birds can or will talk, so the first thing you should do is find out more about your bird. There isn’t much point trying to teach a bird to talk if it’s just going to whistle back at you. Some of the bird species that can learn to speak include:
Monk Parakeet
Amazonian Parrots
Indian Ringneck
Quaker Parrot
Hill Myna
African Grey

2) Build a relationship with your bird. Birds that are capable of speech are social animals. It is very IMPORTANT to develop a relationship by speaking to them often, so that it trusts you and grows accustomed to your voice. It is recommended to spend as much time as possible with the bird the first few months, speaking to it in gentle tones
Make sure to play with your bird often, every day. These birds in the wild have many interactions each day, and they engage with lots of stimuli. Evolved for group life, these birds like to be well-socialized. Spending lots of time with your bird will help ensure you foster a good relationship.

3) Plan your routine. Like training any animal, talking birds need SHORT, frequent and regular training sessions. Make sure you build a plan such that you are able to give your bird the time and attention it needs in order to maximize its learning potential.
Make a schedule.
Limit training sessions to five minutes, two to five times a day.[4]
Plan to work with your bird many times a day.

4) Start with simple words.[5] Your bird will most likely learn simple words if you say them frequently. Pick expressions it is likely to hear often from you and other people, such as:
your bird’s name

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