The Green Parrot || Oswald The Blue Octopus || 2017 || HIGH QUALITY || 2017

The Green Parrot || Oswald The Blue Octopus || 2017 || HIGH QUALITY || 2017

Oswald The Octopus Official !!

Oswald is an American children’s cartoon series on Nick Jr. about a blue octopus and his friends, that first aired August 20, 2001 and officially ended in early 2004. The show was created by Dan Yaccarino and was co-produced by HiT Entertainment. It was also shown on Noggin in reruns. The show aired on Nick Jr. on CBS on September 22, 2001, to September 7, 2002. Nick Jr. aired the original episodes until the network lineup changes on March 1, 2012 took effect. It also airs on the British channel “JimJam” which is shown in numerous countries including Israel. In addition, the Indian channel Zee TV currently airs a Hindi dubbed version. It is also telecast on Indian channel Pogo as a Hindi dubbed version.

Main characters

Oswald (voiced by Fred Savage) – Oswald is a large, round, blue octopus (four arms, four legs making a total of eight limbs) who lives in an apartment complex with Henry the Penguin and several other animals including a turtle named Buster. A very gentle, polite and big-hearted octopus, Oswald is always willing to go out of his way to help his friends. His favorite hobby is playing the piano and singing (usually to comfort himself or to encourage a friend). He has a habit of saying “Oh, my gosh!”. Oswald always wears a life preserver when he is around water and loves Swizzleberry Swirl Ice Cream.

Weenie (voiced by Debi Derryberry) – Weenie (sometimes referred to by Oswald as “Weenie-girl” or just “girl”) is Oswald’s pet; a “wiener-dog”, very similar to a Dachshund. Weenie bears a strong resemblance to a hot dog and only communicates in “bark-speak” (similar to Blue in Blue’s Clues). Weenie accompanies Oswald everywhere he goes, and her favorite food is vanilla dog biscuits.

Henry the Penguin (voiced by David Lander) – Oswald’s downstairs neighbor and best friend. A persnickety penguin, Henry is a creature of habit in every way and usually shuns the idea of trying different things, though he can sometimes be persuaded otherwise. He does his best to maintain a rigid schedule, which includes taking care of his extensive spoon collection, ending every evening watching “Penguin Patrol”, his favorite TV show, and doing the Penguin Polka before bedtime. Most of Henry’s favorite foods are fish-flavored and he is a proven expert on snow. He has an identical cousin from the North named Louie (voiced by Michael McKean), and on occasion speaks of his aunt, Arctica. His motto is “slow and steady”. He always takes two (used to be three) marshmallows in his hot cocoa, saying “No more, no less”. He also hates getting wet.

Daisy (voiced by Crystal Scales) – Daisy is a tall orange and yellow daisy with green leaves and stem. Free-spirited and energetic, Daisy participates in sports and other activities. She is a close friend of both Oswald and Henry; the three of them often go on sojourns together. Daisy loves sunflower sundaes, riding her unicycle, has a large leaf collection and loves peppermint tea. Daisy is very excitable, often needing to be hushed by Oswald when she speaks too loudly. She also has an aunt whose name and flower is Marigold and her pet expression is “Golly Tamale!”. She is the only character in Big City not to get awakened by Big Alarm Clock.

Show summary

The series is set in a colorful world populated by a cast of anthropomorphic animals, mythological creatures, or humanoid beings resembling plants or vegetables and follows the daily experiences of an anthropomorphic blue octopus named Oswald,voiced by Fred Savage, accompanied by his beloved pet dachshund (designed as a hot dog) appropriately named Weenie and their life in the cheerful and whimsically-designed community of Big City. Commonly, the program concentrates on Oswald’s experiences with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors—including Henry, a talking penguin and Daisy, a humanoid, anthropomorphic daisy, among others—and his patient methods of coping with or tolerating different average situations or dilemmas, along with his thoroughly positive, optimistic outlook on life.


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Tropical Birdland, Desford

Tropical Birdland, Desford

Tropical Birdland in the village of Desford, near Leicester.

This little paradise in the middle of England is the perfect place to spend a few hours, relax, have fun and escape the world as we know it. We visit every few weeks so on this occasion I decided to make a little video. Join us in visiting the birds that reside here.

Birds here include: Parrot, Owl, Kea, Macaw (Military, Blue and Yellow, Hyacinth, Scarlet), Cockatiel, Ring-necked and Alexandrine Parakeet, Amazon, African Grey, Caique, Cockatoo, Galah, Dove, Hornbill, Emu, Minah Bird, Sun Conure, Lory, Toucan, Kookaburra, Touraco… (plus wild visitors such as Tit, Pigeon, Sparrow and Robin), many of these are in this video. Some are in aviaries but many are loose and free flying – holding, feeding and playing with the birds is encouraged!

There is also a koi pond, woodland walk, tea room (called The Real Macaw), hatchery (you can see baby birds growing and even buy them) and a gift shop.

Three of my favourite birds are in this video: ‘Yellow Thing’, a yellow Alexandrine parakeet (don’t know if he has a real name); Harry Potter, an Eclectus Parrot (I think?) with a green head but very few feathers elsewhere (he likes saying “Hhmmmmm” a lot); Rosie, an African Grey who is just the softest thing ever, as you will see.

Talking About My Pet Bird Poopsie the Cockatiel (ASMR)

Talking About My Pet Bird Poopsie the Cockatiel (ASMR)

Hey Poopsie! Here is the final video for the ten day challenge. Finally! I am speaking facts about Cockatiels, giving Poopsie an “exam” and showing you him and talking more about him! I know I was thoroughly requested a video solely on Poopsie (and I thought to do it even before that) because he is just the cutest thing ever existing!
Pets are a life time commitment so keep that in mind before you purchase one.

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