Maharashtra: Cops Summon ‘Parrot’ to Police Station for ‘Hurling Obscenities’ at 85-Year-Old Woman

Maharashtra: Cops Summon ‘Parrot’ to Police Station for ‘Hurling Obscenities’ at 85-Year-Old Woman

In a bizarre turn of events, a parrot was summoned to a police station by the police in Maharashtra for “hurling obscenities” at an 85-year old woman, who alleged that its owner had tutored the pet.The woman, identified as Janabai Sakharkar, complained to the police in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district that her stepson had trained the family pet to scream out abuses at her, whenever she passes by the house, PTI reported.The police, after failing to pacify the 85-year old, asked her stepsons–Suresh and Hariyal–to bring the family pet to the police station, to investigate the allegations.

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Burt Parrot all for a peanut

Burt Parrot all for a peanut

Burt watches my mother carry this container full of black oiled sunflower seeds to our bird feeders. It also contains unsalted shelled peanuts for the Blue Jays. It was sitting on the floor by the kitchen table when she lifted off the top & proceeded to help herself to the peanuts. I wondered if she would do it again when it was sitting on the table. We didn’t train her to do this, she figured it out on her own. Awesome bird!

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Ram, the African Grey Parrot chants Hari Om Tat Sat & Om Namah Shivaya

Ram, the African Grey Parrot chants Hari Om Tat Sat & Om Namah Shivaya

During the recent Global Gita Conference held at Datta Peetham, it’s convener, Dr. P. V. Nath from United Kingdom, who has translated Pujya Sri Swamiji’s biography into English, was talking to Pujya Gurudeva and Sri Bala Swamiji. He mentioned that parrots of Shuka Vana are able to say “Rama”, “Datta” and other words but might not be able to say “Hari Om Tat Sat”. His wife immediately said that Gurudeva can achieve it if he wishes to.

Ram, the African Grey Parrot was born in Shuka Vana in Mysore Ashrama. It was being taken care by Smt. Lalita & Sri. G. Satyanarayana inside Ashrama. Even after the bird was an year old, it had not started speaking. When it was brought to Sri Swamiji, He took the parrot in His hand and told the bird that it will be sent away from Ashrama if it does not speak. Instantly, it said “Datta”. A little later, it said “Hari Om Tat Sat”. Now, Ram says “Om Namah Shivaya” and other Namas. It is indeed a blessed bird, having got Akashara Abhyasa from Pujya Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji remembers Dr. Nath’s wish and conveys his blessings and good wishes to Dr. Nath, his wife and the volunteers of Shuka Vana.

Radioactive boars, creating Jungle Book’s animated creatures & a kakapo comeback

Radioactive boars, creating Jungle Book’s animated creatures & a kakapo comeback

A cicada invasion 17 years in the making is about to hit the Northeastern United States, illegal fishing vessels seized in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, radioactive boars wreak havoc in Japan, good news for the world’s only flightless parrot, and a look at what it took to create the amazing creatures in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’.

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