Polly The Talk Back Parrot | Kids Fun Talking Toy | Unboxing & Review | Moves & Imitates

Polly The Talk Back Parrot | Kids Fun Talking Toy | Unboxing & Review | Moves & Imitates

Do you like this awesome talk back Polly the Parrot!! She repeats after you and Nadia & Amani unbox and review this toy. Watch them talk to the parrot and have lots of fun. The parrot is very clear when speaking and is also very loud! Such a great little parrot! She moved and imitates what yo say. She also flaps her wings and copies your words.

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Einstein the Talking Parrot wants a Cookie

Einstein the Talking Parrot wants a Cookie

Einstein wants a cookie! Watch as he holds and brings an imaginary treat up to his beak! He’ll then talk about how good it is and when he’s all done, he’s ready to go computer and get back to work! (Cookies are high in sugar and should not be given to parrots as a regular diet. As a treat, we give him a very small amount, about the size of a fingernail. No chocolate! Chocolate is toxic for parrots!)
Einstein Parrot is very talkative African Grey Parrot! He lives with us in our home in Texas and was hatched on June 15, 1997. Einstein is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He is the famous for his impression of Matthew McConaughey, (http://youtu.be/WecS9-3ISkk) NOT the “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet. He likes to talk on various “parrot approved areas” in our home, such as the kitchen drawer, the shower, kitchen chairs, napkin holders, and of course his play perches! Einstein has brought much joy to our lives, but training and living with a parrot requires time, patience and sacrifice.
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Talking Parrot Indian Ringneck-4yrs old- Parakeet

Talking Parrot Indian Ringneck-4yrs old- Parakeet

Talking Parrot Indian Ringneck- 4yrs old Paakeet

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Funny Parrots Videos 🐦 Smart Birds [Epic Laughs]

Funny Parrots Videos 🐦 Smart Birds [Epic Laughs]

Look what this parrot does to the cat at 0:45 😂🐦
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Тайный мир животных
Смешной попугай любит играться

Евгений Труляля
Смешной попугайчик Жорж купается опять ))

смешной попугай ест с вилки , a parrot eats

вера савенкова
смешные попугайчики

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Смешные домашние животные – Попугай и Шиншила

Смешной попугай Кеша
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