Title : LEGOWO
Artist : PAROT
Songwriter : Obie Viano
Album : Bintang Nada Vol.2
Produced by BW Record

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Cape Parrots 28 January 2013

Cape Parrots   28 January 2013

A large green parrot with a yellow-brown head, the Cape parrot could be mistaken for a green and gold springbok supporter. These parrots however, live in evergreen forests far from rugby stadia. But these days they are making fewer and fewer appearances in general and fast becoming the most endangered parrots in the world. These birds only occur in South Africa and due to increasing development and declining numbers of yellowwood trees in which they feed and breed, they are seriously threatened. On top of reduced habitat, the birds are also suffering from a beak and feather disease, potent enough to wipe out the remaining 800 breeding pairs. The birds fly long distances daily to reach fruiting trees inside and around the forests making it difficult for the disease to be contained. Cape Parrots are an example of how animals can become threatened with extinction through human interference and how humans are in fact their only hope of survival.