Funny Parrots Talking Like Humans – Seriously Hilarious!

Funny Parrots Talking Like Humans – Seriously Hilarious!

Good luck if you try not to laugh at those hilarious parrots talking like humans. So cute and so funny!

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How to Care for a Conure

How to Care for a Conure

How to Care for a Conure
00:00:42 Part 1 Housing Your Conure
00:00:49 1 – Select a cage
00:02:02 2 – Situate the cage in an ideal location in your home
00:02:51 3 – Place some basic items in your conure’s cage
00:04:14 4 – Clean your conure’s cage regularly
00:05:33 Part 2 Enriching Your Conure’s Cage
00:05:41 1 – Place toys in your conure’s cage
00:07:00 2 – Provide an exercise outlet for your conure
00:07:32 3 – Consider putting a mirror in your conure’s cage
00:08:32 Part 3 Feeding Your Conure
00:08:39 1 – Select a pelleted food and seed mix for your conure
00:09:36 2 – Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your conure’s diet
00:10:33 3 – Incorporate nuts into your conure’s diet
00:11:27 4 – Give your conure grains and legumes to eat
00:12:20 5 – Supplement your conure’s diet with extra vitamins and minerals
00:13:21 6 – Avoid feeding your conure certain foods
00:14:04 7 – Develop a feeding regimen for your conure
00:15:06 Part 4 Interacting With Your Conure
00:15:13 1 – Gain your conure’s trust
00:16:06 2 – Acclimate your conure to your hand
00:17:02 3 – Teach your conure to step up
00:17:49 4 – Teach your conure to talk
00:18:54 5 – Help your conure with her morning bath
00:19:45 6 – Dance with your conure
00:20:18 7 – Play with your conure
00:21:34 8 – Teach your conure to lay on his back
00:22:37 9 – Ignore your conure’s screeches
00:23:27 Part 5 Preparing Your Conure for Molting
00:23:35 1 – Understand that most birds need to molt
00:23:58 2 – Know the age of your conure
00:24:20 3 – Understand the conure’s stress
00:24:43 4 – Feed your conure food rich in protein as this will help the new feathers grow back on
00:24:56 5 – Preen your conure
00:25:30 Tips
00:26:54 Warnings

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