Different Types of Parrots | Pet Bird

Different Types of Parrots | Pet Bird

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Dr. Laurie Hess: So, parrots are from the family Psittacines mostly. Psittacinae parrots are familiar to us. They come in all shapes and sizes, down from the little, teeny parakeets that we know as parakeets that are really budgerigars, very common, to cockatiels, slightly larger, Quaker parrots, the one you know as Paulie from the movies, the monk parakeets that fly around actually outside and have lived very successfully outside even in the northeast, to some larger species. There are Pionus parrots who are medium-sized species. Kyeks. Then we get into some of the bigger species. Cockatoos, the white ones that you see so commonly. They’re so mushy. African Greys. Great talkers. Amazon parrots. The big, green pirate ship kind of bird that you see all over the place. There are many different kinds of Amazon parrots, too. And then the bigger macaws. So, parrots encompass quite a few different species and what’s fun is that we get to see all of them at work, don’t we?

Sarah: Absolutely. And it’s really nice. There’s such a large variety to choose from and, you know, that’s why I think people should really research what they’re looking for in a bird. So many of them have such specific things to offer to a family that I think it’s a really great idea to not just go and see, you know, the four common birds that you might see in a pet store. There might be something much more exotic or a different kind of personality that you would be interested in that people should really look into it and do a lot of research.

Dr. Laurie Hess: I think you hit the nail on the head. Personality. Absolutely. Different bird species have different personalities. And it’s really important to match your personality with your bird’s personality. So, if you are considering getting a parrot, a generic parrot, I would go to a place where you can watch them, you can interact with them, maybe you can touch them. Ask questions. Read about them. Get to know what your parrot is going to be like at home. Obviously, every bird is different, but different species have different reputations and you really want to get something that’s suited to you and your lifestyle.

The Awkward Caique Hop – Sony RX10 mk2 240fps

The Awkward Caique Hop –   Sony RX10 mk2 240fps

This is just a silly view I threw together today because my Caique, Bubbles, was going on another rampage in typical white bellied caique style – and I wanted to see what it looked like in x10 slow motion.

The RX10 has pretty good 240fps quality, but indoors with no lighting and the fact that in standby mode, exposure and focus control are all locked- makes it pretty hard to get shots right.

Regardless I wanted to show the antics of this clumsy bird. Enjoy!