Kili Senegal Parrot – Flighted Parrot Tricks Medley (Flying Senegal Parrot Tricks)

Kili Senegal Parrot – Flighted Parrot Tricks Medley (Flying Senegal Parrot Tricks)

This is the ultimate senegal parrot tricks video of all time. I think this video will really demonstrates why parrots are the greatest pets and why they should be allowed to fly (but with proper training of course, do not buy or fly a parrot unless you know what you are doing). This video is a medley of Kili’s flight based tricks.

I am always looking for new ways how to teach my parrot tricks, not to bite, and be social with guests. To teach tricks to parrot is a great way to build these crucial skills. To teach senegal parrot how to fly to me was the epitome of training.

The video starts with my parrot performing some ABA recalls by flying from person to person when called. Then she performs tricks from her original non-flighted (while clipped) routine: nod, shake, wave, turn around, and wings. She does all of these parrot tricks for just a single treat. Nod is where she nods her head up and down like saying yes. Shake is shaking her head from side to say like saying no. Wave is where she lifts her foot up to greet people. Turn around is when she does a spin 360 degrees around on her perch. And wings is the big eagle trick where she displays her wings in full. Then I snap my fingers and the Senegal Parrot drops back and hangs upside down from my hand to demonstrate the bat trick.

Next I recall Kili and she flies to me to perform the “bang” trick. I put her on the floor and point my hand at her like a gun and say “bang” and she drops over and plays dead. The parrot play dead for 10 seconds until I release her to get back up. After most tricks I am sending her back to her perch and then calling her to fly to me when I am ready to do the next trick with her. This is both great exercise and great practice for flight recalls.

Then you see an around the corner recall which may not seem like a big deal but that is only because the camera is in a position to view everything. I called Kili but neither I nor she could see each other and she is just flying to my voice. It’s like playing hide and seek and she hears which direction my voice was from but then she has to fly until she finds me to land on my hand. Then I put her down on a chair where she grabs a coin and flies over to her piggy bank to make a deposit. Next she flies from her perch down to the green table to play bowling. She pushes the bowling ball with her beak and nails a strike on the first try!

The the Senegal Parrot flies back and forth between the table and chair to collect pieces from her puzzle and come back to complete the puzzle. The video only shows one piece but in the long version you can watch her complete an entire puzzle by flying for the pieces:

Then I put a ring down on the chair and she flies down to grab the ring and fly across the room with it to drop it on the peg. I really think ring on a peg is now her favorite trick and she can differentiate 3 colors to place rings on a peg by color. Not only that but then she has to fly back to me to get her treat and then back to her perch to eat it. Really makes my job easy cause she does all the work and I don’t even have to walk over! This is kind of a big deal because I am having her fly to do tricks all over my apartment and she can fly faster than I could run.

Then I throw a ball on the floor and my Senegal Parrot flies down from her perch to pick it up. She flies up onto the table and dunks a basket into the basketball hoop. A parrot flying to play basketball even puts NBA basketball players to shame 🙂

And for her final trick, I throw a ball on the floor and Kili flies down to pick it up. Then she flies up and lands on my hand and gives me the ball. The video ends with her returning to her perch.

The incredible thing is that pretty much all parrots are intelligent and possible to train so you could teach tricks like these to a budgie, parakeet, parrotlet, lovebird, cockatiel, conure, poicephalus parrot, eclectus, african grey, amazon, cockatoo, or macaw. I just love to teach tricks to parrots!

This video is meant to replace Kili’s previous medley called Play Dead and Other Tricks because she has progressed so much in all of those tricks, added many more, and has been flying to do them:

You are probably wondering how to teach tricks, how to teach step up, how to recall train your parrot to fly to you. I wrote this to help you out. It is about how to teach your parrot to come out of cage, step up, target train, clicker condition and all the basics before you can teach your parrot any other kinds of tricks:

This article shows how to teach flight tricks and recall:

The articles explain how to teach tricks to any parrot.

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Amazing Green Parrot is Vegetarian…Taking Rest In The Nest.

Amazing Green Parrot is Vegetarian…Taking Rest In The Nest.

Free video about vegetarian monk parakeet. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this vegetarian monk parakeet video.

Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

The parrot, also known as blonde, ajeru, Ajuru, jeru, is one of the many birds belonging to the order Psittaciformes, family Psittacidae, mainly of the genus Amazona. Some parrots are able to mimic sounds and even the human speech.

The vegetarian monk parakeet or Argentina parrot is a species of bird in the family of parrots and distributed naturally from South America and has been introduced in many countries. It is prized as a pet; born in summer and make their nests at a height that can reach 10 meters.

The vegetarian monk parrot is a bird that many years is sought as a pet, especially among Argentines. To this end, it is customary to bring down their nests in summer times where the chicks are removed (more than 30 per nest), and sold as young as possible, as early upbringing makes them more domesticated.

The vegetarian monk Parakeet is mostly green and has the typical long tail parrot. The forehead is bluish-gray, the rest of the head and the chest are gray. The beak is light brown and the iris dark brown. vegetarian monk parakeets have a gray eye ring and gray feet. The wing feathers are blue and black, the under-wing light gray and pale blue. The tail feathers show up drawing a blue and green, the underside is lined with light green to light blue. Males and females are colored alike and externally indistinguishable. For clear distinction therefore a genetic or blood test must be used.

vegetarian monk parakeets build in trees and palm trees large communal nests. This is a phenomenon among the parrot birds are cavity nesters in general. It is interesting that the nests are divided into “apartments”, each inhabited by a couple. Each “apartment” in turn consists of several specialized chambers for sleeping, brooding and stay.

This species is green, with touches of blue and gray. Its fast straight flight the treetops can make it difficult to observe. When on the ground, it has a characteristic and awkward gait.

This vegetarian bird species is remarkable in that it is the only one of the parakeets that build large communal nests with multiple entries, made of branches and twigs, which can reach several meters in size.

The vegetarian monk Parakeet is the only species of parrot that builds its own nest. All other group members ( parrots, macaws, etc.) nest in holes in tree hollows, ravines or termite mounds. The pairs of parakeets nest with the rest of his band and can form nests Community with a maximum of one meter in diameter and 200 kg in weight. Nests are cylindrical structures closed nests attached to the neighbors through the walls outside. The parakeets build their nests with sticks, in the higher branches of different trees.

In nature, feeding the parakeets consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, shrubs and grasses, flowers and buds, and even in captivity, it is not recommended to use food out of this pattern.

In southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, the Monk Parakeet is considered pests in areas of cultivation of maize and sorghum and in orchards. With the disappearance of the forests where they lived, the parakeets started to look for food crops that now occupy their natural habitat. With easy food and phasing of their predators, such as hawks, the population of the species increased easily.

Also in Europe there are breeding communities, particularly in Barcelona of Spain and Belgium . Were released at the beginning of the twentieth century in the parks of the city of Brussels and is nowadays possible to find them a significant part of urban green spaces. However begin to emerge possible sightings of the species in other nearby urban areas.

The cultivation of eucalyptus, originating in Australia and introduced in Brazil between the years 1855 and 1870, also has an important role in the population explosion of parakeets. The Parakeet found in eucalyptus perfect place to nest, building nests in the upper branches of eucalyptus (10 meters high), eggs, chicks and adults are very well protected from attack by natural enemies and hindering population control by of man.

Fallout Shelter Ep. 82 “Irish Quest Done and New Trained Parrot!! PC Gameplay IOS Android

Fallout Shelter Ep. 82 “Irish Quest Done and New Trained Parrot!! PC Gameplay IOS Android

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E6: Fishing in Peru – BUSHCRAFT and BOWS – Jungle Tree House – 10,000 Parrots

E6: Fishing in Peru – BUSHCRAFT and BOWS – Jungle Tree House  – 10,000 Parrots

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EPISODE #6 – Fishing in Peru / Bushcraft and Bows – Jungle Tree House – 10,000 Parrots


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Baby Cockatiels’ first 30 days

Baby Cockatiels’ first 30 days

I read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it’s equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. So, I was really excited to see this happen and to document it.

Thanks for everyone’s compliments and thumbs up! Btw, this video is not meant to encourage breeding birds. It’s pretty difficult to do it on your own (e.g. baby not growing up correctly) which is why I had the cockatiels raise the chicks. FYI, they turned out to be extremely tame b/c I handled them constantly as they were growing up.
Ooo! News anchors from “Right This Minute” commented on my video:
Music Credits: Wise Guys “Oo La La”, Basement Jaxx “Do Your Thing”, Arcade Fire “Wake Up”

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages

Parrots Coloring Pages For Kids – Parrots Coloring Pages. We found a picture of parrots to color. Children’s coloring pages online allow your child to color on the computer screen. Use the color paint on the side to color pages online. Use these free,simple,easy coloring pages – for toddlers,preschoolers,kids free.

Parrots images printable – fun pictures! Parrots pictures to print – or color online. We color online. Free download parrots coloring sheets on website provided. Find parrots – free printables,pictures,activity sheets,images,clip art of coloring pages offering cartoon character from shows for free.

Kids coloring pages offer – online and to print for free with printable at home feature for coloring pages of disney,frozen,animals,pokemon! Parrots coloring pictures are offered in a full size and full page or sheets for – adults,children,kids,girls or boys to enjoy!

Subscribe to see which pictures of parrots to color next! Kids coloring pages are available weekly! Images of parrots to color are fun. These parrots pictures to color are great for all age children. Share this game today!
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