Einstein the Parrot Takes a Shower!

Einstein the Parrot Takes a Shower!

Einstein, our pet African Grey Parrot is taking a shower and has a few comments about it! For more information about the shower perch and the sprayer we use for Einstein’s showers, visit this blog post- http://einsteinparrot.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-shower-time.html
Einstein Parrot is very talkative African Grey Parrot! He lives with us in our home in Texas and was hatched on June 15, 1997. Einstein is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He is the famous for his impression of Matthew McConaughey, (http://youtu.be/WecS9-3ISkk) NOT the “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet. He likes to talk on various “parrot approved areas” in our home, such as the kitchen drawer, the shower, kitchen chairs, napkin holders, and of course his play perches! Einstein has brought much joy to our lives, but training and living with a parrot requires time, patience and sacrifice.
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African Grey parrot Baby’s hand feeding ヨウムの雛

African Grey parrot Baby’s hand feeding  ヨウムの雛

Попугай разведения для продажи, попугай
Ripeti a pappagallo riproduzione di parrocchetto
잉꼬, 앵무새 번식 판매
Satılık, papağan için Paraket ıslahı
Sittich Zucht zum Verkauf, Papagei
Perico de cría para la venta, el loro
Criação de periquito papagaio para venda,
Élevage Perruche à vendre, perroquet
تربية الببغاء عن ببغاء، بيع
فروخت توتے کے لئے توتا کا عمل

Monty Python – Dead Parrot

Monty Python – Dead Parrot

from Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Season 1 – Episode 08
Full Frontal Nudity
Recorded 25-11-69, Aired 07-12-69

The world famous Dead Parrot sketch, here, in it’s entirety!

I’m slowly uploading the entire Flying Circus series… Got any requests?

Peppa Pig Learn Colors with Blue Parrot Fish | Peppa Pig English Play Doh Stop Motion

Peppa Pig Learn Colors with Blue Parrot Fish | Peppa Pig English Play Doh Stop Motion

George goes fishing in his spare time. He throws his hook to the sea to see if he can catch some heavy fish for the meal. While he tries to catch the big fish, he learns many colors of fishes: YELLOW clown fish, PINK … and satisfy with the BLUE Parrot Fish. Peppa Pig must be very happy with the meal.
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