EASIEST WAY to teach a Bird Step up | Demonstration

EASIEST WAY to teach a Bird Step up | Demonstration


Best Way To Teach Your Bird to Step Up | Theory

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Hello Bird Lovers, bird enthusiasts and bird owners ! Welcome back to Bird Tameness. Today Professional Bird Trainer & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer, addresses a highly requested topic. Previously, PW covered on “How To Teach Your Bird To Step-Up” the theory basics on teaching your bird the Step-Up technique which over 54,000 bird owners watched and learned from. After many requests over the years to create a demonstration version of the video, Parrot Whisperer, decided to address this topic in detail with Buttercup, the rescued budgie. In this video, Parrot Whisperer provides some of the most powerful, effective tactics that will help you teach your bird the “Step-Up” trick in a matter of just days ! PW has recommended those exact techniques to many bird lovers on BT’s Skype Bird Training sessions which resulted in massive success in their bird training. Those tactics were founded by continuous experimentation and research with several distinct bird species.

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Easiest way to Target train a Bird | MUST SEE

Easiest way to Target train a Bird | MUST SEE

Welcome to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community. Bird Tameness is back with a new Bird Training Video !.

Parrot Whisperer gives you all the Instructional steps required for target-training with visual examples and he discusses it in more detail here:
” I cannot emphasize enough on how essential target training is as part of obedience and compliance Bird Training and as part of transitioning your bird to learn tricks. Target-training comes straight after step-up and proper implementation of target-training will ensure that your feathered friend will be able to move on to “Turn-around” trick, “Flight-Recall”, “Come-to-me” trick and several others. The target-training that I demonstrate in this video is not just the “raw” method but also additional tweaks that I invented and added to the whole methodology after years of experimentation and research.

Now, Your probably scratching your head and asking, what about time-frame?. Let me explain this a little bit further. I divide Target-training into 3 simple yet powerful steps.

1) Get Your Bird to associate the stick with millet by building a good impression of the stick. You do this by poking a hole through the stick using the millet and then approach your bird whilst saying the command “Target”. Here approach the bird with the millet only and not the pointed-end of the stick just yet, and repeat this for a process of about 7 days. When you see your bird has slowly started to understand this, move the slightly millet further into the stick ( away from the pointed-end) and ask your bird to now target the stick. At this point you really don’t care whether your bird nibbles, bites or simply gently touches the stick for a millisecond. We only care about building a good impression of the stick. To reiterate what I said, ask your bird to target, approach the stick with the millet poked in and when your bird touches the pointed head, tilt the stick to where the millet is and reward your bird then click the clicker or say “Good-Boy/Good-girl” ( i recommend a combination of both for best results). As your bird gets the idea, start moving the millet gradually further and further away from the pointed head and asking him/her to target at each distance accordingly. If your bird is stuck at a certain distance (such as the millet halfway through the stick) go back to the previous, closer distance and reinforce that and then move on again until the millet has reached the end of the stick.

2) here you remove the millet completely off the stick and start target training your bird. Do this for about 10 days and each time your bird targets, reward accordingly with millet (honey/wheat) and here you can even start introducing new rewards such as walnuts, lettuce, corriander stems, brocolli, sunflower, safflower seeds etc. depending on your birds’ preferences.

3) start moving the stick further away from the bird so that he/she will start having to leap over to target. Do this for about 4 days. Once this has been understood by your bird, starting moving the stick away from the bird on the bird training stand (such as 5cm from the bird, then 10, 15, 20,30,40,50…etc). Remember, be gradual, be patient and let the bird take their time. Step 1 is the step that will take most time as it’s the “association” step, but once your bird has associated millet with stick and target with reward, bingo!. After your bird has become a master of targeting at distances, now you can move on to having your finger infront of his/her body and ask your bird to target and your finger will have to be at a distance from your bird such that he/she will have to step up to your finger to target. Do this for a few days (~4 days). Once understood, move your finger slightly away so that your bird will have to extend his/her leg even more. Again, do for a few days. Once understood, move your hand even further so that he/she will have to hop to your finger. Once understood, reward with bigger treats, praises and affection and then move your hand further, so he or she will have to jump to your finger and repeat for a few days and then further, further, further…etc so he/she will have to fly to your finger. Wait a minute Parrot Whisperer ? My bird is now flying to my hand on command !

Bingo!, flight recall is now a trick under your sleeves 😉

Consistency, repetition and precise implementation of what I have mentioned is key to success in target training!

Hope this video was as helpful as I want it to be ~PW”

Very effective and Powerful video PW, Thank you for sharing this with all the bird lovers !

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Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

Дрессированный попугай даёт лапу как собака

Murzikcat https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCldvKyXeJyo6_txEKF0nN_Q Канал о животных. Видео про котов, которые едят огурцы, хурму, капусту, собак, которые поют, плавают танцуют и воруют еду, как попугаи поют, разговаривают и купаются , а также о серьезных алабаях –волкодавов, преданных и выносливых Кане Корсо и необычных, забавных животных. Описание и рассказы о разных породах кошек и собак.
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Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation 10

Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation 10

Parrots Swearing like humans l Compilation
Funny Parrots Talking and Swearing and Singing
Videos Hilarious Compilation Talking Birds

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Cockatiel sings Steamboat Willie

Cockatiel sings Steamboat Willie

Check out Yoshi on Vine: “Yoshi the Cockatiel” @sklaus30

This video is much clearer than the other one, so I thought I would put it up.

Yoshi is 2 years old in this video, it is the first full-length song that he’s learned. He still knows how to sing it!



Wondering how to properly care for a Cockatiel, this is the video for you. I talk about their companion , dietary , and cage must. I also mention about cutting a birds wings, whether its the right thing to do or not. Check out the links below for a lot more information on birds.
– https://goo.gl/DRFjEz
– https://goo.gl/RXUQ3a

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How Soon Is Now, Love Spit Love

Good For You, THBD

Faded, Alan Walker



We had a busy day today setting up a new cage for our green cheek conure! Watch how we set up the cage, play top area, arrange our perches, toys, food, and water!! Please ask us any questions you have in the comment section below and subscribe to our channel for more parrot tips and tricks!

Kili Senegal Parrot – Rearranging Kili’s Cage

Kili Senegal Parrot – Rearranging Kili’s Cage


It’s been a while since the last time I changed things around in Kili’s cage so she has been getting bored of the old setup. So, it’s time to take everything out and then organize a new layout from scratch. First we have to put in the perches and then figure good places to put the toys. Always time for a head scratch.

Watch how I arrange Kili’s cage along with some tips on the best set up for bird cages. Be sure to check out my line of NU Perches for the cage and NU Perch trees at: