Training a Scared Ringneck -| Part 2

Training a Scared Ringneck -| Part 2

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1. Try Sharing Meals With Your Bird
Sharing your food with your bird is a great way to help him see you as part of his flock. In the wild, bonded birds regurgitate food for one another, so sharing a meal can go a long way in helping your bird realize that you mean no harm. If you choose to offer your bird a tasty treat from your plate, make sure that the food you are sharing is free of salt and seasonings and is safe for birds to eat. If your bird is hesitant about trying a food at first, put a bite into his bowl and eat your portion in front of him. Speak softly and talk about how good the food is. Believe it or not, it often works!

2. Make Time to Socialize
Some birds, particularly those that have been rehomed or rescued, may not have had much exposure to humans during their lifetime. Worse still, some may have had very negative experiences concerning people. The best way to deal with problems like these is to desensitize the bird to your presence. If your bird gets nervous every time you come around, slowly start to take 5 to 10 minutes a day to sit near your bird and talk to him. Be careful not to make any sudden moves around the bird, and talk in a happy, animated voice. As your bird gets more comfortable around you, you can begin to spend longer periods of time with him.

3. Try Some Grooming Sessions
Grooming is the first thing in nature that forms a bond between families. Since the point of bonding with your bird is to get him to accept you as a family member, grooming can be a great way to get the message across if the bird will tolerate handling. If the bird will allow you to, try gently scratching the back of his head or helping him out with a few pinfeathers. Once your bird begins to trust you more, you may even decide to invest in a shower perch so that your feathered friend can join you in the tub!

4. Let the Music Move You
Wild birds have two main forms of communication: their voices, and body language. As bird owners, we can use this knowledge to help ourselves bond more closely with our captive pets. If it seems like your bird doesn’t view you as much of a friend, then try singing some of your favorite songs to your pet and dancing around. It sounds a bit silly, but most birds can’t resist joining in the fun. You may even want to play some of these popular songs about birds to help set the mood.

5. Try Some Good Old Fashioned Bribery
One way to entice shy birds out of the cage to play is to bribe them. Try making up a batch of homemade bird toys and place some in your pet’s cage for him to enjoy. Make notes of the ones that seem to be his favorites, and then try “decorating” your shirt with them while standing near an open cage door. This may help your bird see how much fun you can be, and is sometimes an offer that even very timid birds can’t refuse.

Beginners guide to target training parrots

Beginners guide to target training parrots

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In this video, you will learn what target training is, why we should teach it to our pet birds, and how you can go about teaching it yourself! 🙂

The bird being trained in this video belongs to my mother, and has never been trained before. The “Experienced bird” featured is my own timneh; Echo. 🙂

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Teach your Parrot to say Hello! – Parrot Talk

Teach your Parrot to say Hello! – Parrot Talk

Teach your Parrot to Say Hello! – Parrot Talk – How to Teach your parrot to talk the easy way! Just press play on this video or playlist, set to repeat and walk away! the video will play for your bird and teach him to speak. Repetition is key for your parrot to learn human words and this channel will make it easy for you!

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My Parrots Don’t Care About Hard Work | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

My Parrots Don’t Care About Hard Work | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Well this is a short parrot video that I just found for Parrot video of the day…This is Jersey my Umbrella Cockatoo and Picasso my Mustache Parakeet insisting on sitting on my friend Chris who came to work on our music video edit! So this cute parrot video is evidence that my parrots do not care about hard work. I wouldn’t have it any other way! not sure if Chris would…but he’s a great sport!!!

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Parrot Was Key ‘Witness’ in Murder Trial as Woman Is Convicted of Killing Husband

Parrot Was Key ‘Witness’ in Murder Trial as Woman Is Convicted of Killing Husband

Marty Duram was found shot to death in his Michigan home in 2015. Weeks later, his parrot began squawking in voices that appeared to mimic an argument between Duram and his wife, Glenna. Duram had been shot five times. His wife had been shot in the head. She claimed to remember nothing about the shootings. The parrot was sent to live with Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, who was adamant that Bud had witnessed Glenna shooting Marty before turning the gun on herself in a failed suicide attempt.

Ravi’s Parrot Intimidates Sugandha | Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur

Ravi’s Parrot Intimidates Sugandha | Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur

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