Secret To Tame African Greys | Series 4

Secret To Tame African Greys | Series 4

Welcome to a new Series of Taming Birds/Parrots. Today Parrot Whisperer went o a mission o help a struggling Bird Lover with his two African Greys. e thought it will be a great idea to film this to help you guys tame your african greys/birds by following Parrot Whisperer and progressing with him as he progresses!. Like this video, Tweet it & share it to help stuggling bird lovers. Bird Training Tip: Get Paper and a pen, write down each step in this video and Follow each step as outlined then implement it on your own bird. This is not a One day miracle, it takes time and patience when it comes to greys!.

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Ways To Stop Your Bird/ Parrot From Biting !

Ways To Stop Your Bird/ Parrot From Biting !

Just as we Promised !. Our Saturday Question video !
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Bored of your bird biting you ?
Bored of it chewing on your fingers?- 3 SOLUTIONS REVEALED!!!

The most important thing to remember is when your bird bites simply show no reaction. Do not scream, do not shout and most importantly DO NOT punish your bird. That is negative reinforcement and we do not use that when training birds. Some people do in fact use it and that only hurts the bird and makes the training counter-productive which is bad !

3 WAYS !

1. Twist technique usually works most on smaller bird species :
Tell the bird not to a calm voice.Be sure to use the same words every time you tell your budgie not to bite.At the same time as you give the verbal command, shake the bird gently by moving your hand or arm or wherever the bird is perched. Don’t shake too much. Just do it enough to catch the budgie off balance so it is distracted from its biting behavior. It may take some time, but if you apply this method consistently the budgie will learn that biting is not acceptable and that it causes an unpleasant consequence (being put off balance).

2-Verbal command works more on larger bird species :
Eventually, if you notice that your bird’s body language shows that it is about to bite you stop right there and have a long stare in your birds’ eye and say no firmly yet in a normal voice tune. By time your bird will understand that “no” means “no biting” and this will help it learn quickly

3- Using a replacement : Offer your bird something to nibble on or something to chew instead and reward it when it chews it and it will learn that when it chews your hand their are no treats. when it chews something else there are !