Top 10 Facts About Macaw Parrots Facts

Top 10 Facts About Macaw Parrots Facts

Top 10 Facts About Macaw Parrots Facts | Macaw Facts
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Parrot Planet October 12 2013- Sacramento, CA

Parrot Planet October 12 2013- Sacramento, CA

Parrot Planet. This store just opened a few months ago. My son designed the sign for the store. Very cool place to buy exotic birds from. The people who own the store are very friendly and encourage people to interact with the birds, They handle everything one needs for your bird and even offer baby sitting services for your bird.

Lovely shop . . . you need to visit this place.

Funny Birds Sing, Imitate Sounds & Dance – Parrots Bark, Meow, Mimic Baby, Phone & Alarm Compilation

Funny Birds Sing, Imitate Sounds & Dance – Parrots Bark, Meow, Mimic Baby, Phone & Alarm Compilation

Funny birds sing, imitate cats, dogs, humans, cell phones and alarms. Funny birds sing happy birthday and other songs and dance to hip hop and rap. See it for yourself!

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How to clip sun conure wings

How to clip sun conure wings

Friends asked me how to clip Sun conure wings.. Most of the time we see videos uploaded all over the world but no video from India as the way we need to take care of our pets is different due to weather condition, geographical differences and so on..

Please comment and share feedback if you want to know more about how to take care of your bird

Aram Naj – ♛ Prince Of Persia ♛ video podcast ★ayahuasca trip★

Aram Naj – ♛ Prince Of Persia ♛ video podcast ★ayahuasca trip★

Essential Music Journey Trip On Ayahuasca to the Land of Ancient Persia.

A few words about tracklist

1. The Spy From Cairo – Open Sesame (2017)

After releasing the World re-known “Arabadub” album in 2013, The Spy from Cairo returns with a deeper & more cosmic dance-floor sound. Coming back from numerous travels abroad with bigger club & festival performances, he switched from the traditional Oud to an electric Oud, which made things much easier traveling & live. The first two songs we get to hear from his forthcoming album in Autumn 2017 are here. “Sirens of the Nile” is a late night 110 BPM driving four to the floor groove mixed with live Oud, violin/ orchestra lines & echoing vocals. “Open Sesame” features the Oud over hypnotic electronic sounds & a crisp 90+ bpm boom bap beat. The cover was a photo taken from a previous tour in Egypt mixed with a photo of the burnt ambers of a late night festival around a fire.

2. Herbert Quinteiros – Tribus (2016)

This track came to me from introduce ayahuasca session with Shaman from Colombia who learned somewhere in Europe (Ewelina thank You for this tune) Shamanic song sounds really trippy when is playing with electronic music, definitely!

3. Bedouin – Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun [CROSSTOWN REBELS 2017]

Bedouin is the Brooklyn-based production and DJ partnership between nomads Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki. Bringing their unique spell of melodies and rhythms to Crosstown Rebels, they deliver their cover version of the famous Pink Floyd classic, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. Sharing an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels, here Bedouin deliver some of their best productions to date. “Getting the chance to play the song to Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason personally and him liking it was very exciting for me.

4. Miguel Puente – Enki (Hyenah’s Epic Afro Remix) (2016)

Epic journey with rolling percussions and a massive breakdown to create magic on festivals & open airs all around the globe.

5. Greg Eversoul – Racket Wall (2017)

6. Dateless – Cuando Mueves (2017)
The young Dateless make his debuts at Safe Music with a strong release with nice impact in the dancefloor and some very fresh vocal with latin vibes, booty rave guaranteed!

7. Otto Von Schirach – Tipo Tropical (2014)

This record has such a strong viusal content, that even when listening to it on bad speakers you will hallucinate pictures of parrots, birds of paradise and other likewise vivid tropical creatures. Miami’s supermeng mixes beautifully scuplted bass drums with classical 808 hihats to shape this crazy sound on top of which he raps and sings in his very own interpretetation of Spanglish. It sounds like Sancho Panza with Goldchains on a beach with lots of girls, dinosaurs and multicolored bubbly in a magnum bottle.

8. Marquis Hawkes – The Basement Is Burning (2017)

Next up on Aus Music is the welcome return of a good friend and label regular – the ever ascendant Marquis Hawkes. Having released 4 EPs on Aus thus far, he makes his return in the form of a blazing, floor-focused 2 track EP which sits neatly with previous outings on the label. ‘The Basement Is Burning’ takes it’s name from a near-fateful experience stemming from an electrical fire in Hawkes’ home which culminated in him and his family being evacuated from a 5th floor balcony. Having ensured the safety of his family, he made a dash across Berlin to make a 10am live show, a few days later with the power back on ‘The Basement Is Burning’ was born. The title track kicks off with splashy, live drum samples that are armoured with electronic layers before a feel-good piano lick glides into the mix. Bursting synths are introduced before ducking strings chords bring the track to an ecstatic conclusion.