Beautiful Cockatiels & Love Birds Being Sold At Galiff Street Pet Market

Beautiful Cockatiels & Love Birds Being Sold At Galiff Street Pet Market

This video shows you beautiful & exotic Cockatiels and love birds and the bird sellers at the Galiff street Sunday pet market in Kolkata. Sometime you get some really great looking birds coming in. If you are into keeping love birds, cockatiels, budgies, etc. as pets, you must visit this market.

As I said above this was noted at the ‘#GaliffStreetPetMarket’ which is a weekly (Sunday only) Pet Market held at the ‘#GaliffStreet’ of Northern #Kolkata city (India).

PS: ‘Soumo’s Travelbox’ is only a travel vlog/ blog and it does not trade in pets/ animals. Please kindly do not enquire about price of any animals, and such will be modified.

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Appeal: Soumo’s Travelbox support animal rights. We also do not support any animal rights violations if made by any pet sellers at Galiff Street Market, hence we take no related responsibility. Do take care of the animals whether it is your pet or not. Animals can also feel like humans – kindly be enough sensitive to them. If you are a pet owner or considering to adopt a pet, do take enough responsibility for its well being. If you visit Galiff Street and happen to witness any animal rights abuse – do report to to the immediate local police/ wildlife administrative office.

Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed being here. For more details please visit the ‘about’ section of ‘Soumo’s Travelbox’ YouTube Channel, or do get in touch.

Top 10 Lovebird Price in india

Top 10 Lovebird Price in india

Top 10 Lovebird Price in india
Masked lovebird
Peach Faced lovebird
Mauve Black Masked lovebird
Couple Masked lovebird
Lutino lovebird
Black cheeked lovebird
Fischer’s lovebird
Red lovebird
Lutino opaline lovebird
Australian lovebird
Peach Faced lovebird
Opaline creamino lovebird
Alisa phi Sara lovebird
Lutino Fischer’s lovebird
Young mask lovebird
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Aviary birds, vogelmarkt Zwolle 2017 (bird market)

Aviary birds, vogelmarkt Zwolle 2017 (bird market)

Here is some footage of the bird market Zwolle 2017 (vogelbeurs Zwolle). Two big halls filled with amazing birds.

A small note: Most birds were displayed with a lot of care, however in my opinion some can pay more attention to the way they kept their birds during the market.

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