Blue Parrot B350XT Headset Craig Ryan 12-12-17

Blue Parrot B350XT Headset Craig Ryan 12-12-17

I drive flatbed for Maverick Transportation. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, like, and share! If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, or are a truck driver interested in coming to Maverick, I hope my videos are helpful. When you apply to Maverick, please use my name as a referral. If you have specific personal questions, email me at I will do my best to help. Keep in mind I only work for Maverick Transportation, I am not in the recruiting department.

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Q. How did you get into trucking?
A. I drove trucks while in college, and off and on for most of the late 70’s. From ’80-’86 I drove for Greyhound Bus Lines. After starting a family I taught K-12 Visual Art for 26 years. Upon retiring, I still needed to generate income, so I got back into trucking.

Q. Why did you choose Maverick Transportation?
A. I did extensive research before entering the industry. I realized Maverick is the perfect size, has cutting edge technology, and a support system for it’s drivers. I didn’t see these things in many of the company’s I researched.

Q. How long do you plan on trucking?
A. I’m not young, but as long as my body holds up I don’t plan on quitting! Now… if I win the lottery?

Q. What do you do with your free time on weekends?
A. I mainly enjoy being with my wife! I also do home projects, yard upkeep, garage cleaning, etc. I always have a book I’m reading.

Q. Do you miss school after being a teacher for so long?
A. No, it was a good run and I worked hard at it, but I was ready to get out while at the top of my game.

Q. How do you edit your videos?
A. Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Air laptop with an external hard drive.

Q. If you weren’t trucking, and money was no object, what would you like to do.
A. I would work for a charitable organization and help people in my local community. I would also like to travel, so much to see!

3D Colored Pencil: Blue Parrot #timelapse

3D Colored Pencil: Blue Parrot #timelapse

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