Parrot Facts

Parrot Facts


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Parakeet Supplies Haul!

Parakeet Supplies Haul!

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Re-homing two Lovebirds & Unboxing !!! | Watch till the end 😂🤣

Re-homing two Lovebirds & Unboxing !!! | Watch till the end 😂🤣

Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community, where all birds are tamed, trained and kept on a mental & physical balance. Professional Bird Trainer & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer, does an “Unboxing” video of two lovebirds, Pigs 🐷 and Mango 🍑, that were successfully re-homed from their loving, precious owner, Juanita in Montreal, Quebec to Windsor, Ontario. Juanita mentions, “”For those wondering, I re-homed them because of my own anxiety issues that were making things difficult on the situation. I wish I could have kept them forever.” Watch the video till the end as what happens next is 😯😂.

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