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Parrot Cages For Sale

Parrot Cages For Sale – Parrots are stunning pets to trigger the feeling of joy instantly with their melodious sounds. After finding the best parrot friend, it is obvious for you to bring it home and ensure that it has enough space to live comfortably. Bringing a bird pet home makes it inevitable to arrange for its suitable housing.

Wild Parrots Causing A Ruckus In Edgewater

Wild Parrots Causing A Ruckus In Edgewater


Wild quaker parrots are hard to miss in Edgewater, NJ.

Their chirping can be heard all throughout the Bergen County town. The flock has been in the state for nearly five decades. Locals say they’re a hidden treasure, but the state has a different view, listing them as a potentially dangerous species.

Alison Evan-Fragale is doing everything she can to change that. As the founder of the Edgewater Parrots Society, she talked to Diana Blass of Chasing News about supporting a bill to change their designation in the state.