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iSketch Parrot

iSketch Parrot

I created this picture using the Studio in iSketch. Was quite proud of it so tried recording the playback of it being drawn.

All images are copyright and cannot be reproduced without my permission. For permission please contact me via PM.

यदि आपने तोता पाल रखा है तो सावधान / If you have set a parrot then be careful

यदि आपने तोता पाल रखा है तो सावधान / If you have set a parrot then be careful

If you have set a parrot then be careful

Entry News

According to Vastu Shastra, applying parrot picture in north direction increases the interest of children in studies, and also improves their memory capacity. Everyone knows this but we want to tell here another point.
* Parrot is a symbol of love, loyalty, longevity and good fortune.
* If you are feeling sick, frustrating, lacking and pleasures in the house then install a parrot or statue in the house.
* To establish love relations between husband and wife, according to Feng Shui, couple of parrots are established.
* According to Feng Shui, the parrot is helpful in setting the balance of 5 elements. The colorful feathers of parrots are actually symbols of the earth, fire, water, wood and metal. If there is a shortage of any of these elements in the house, then it turns away from it.
Caution: Many people take parrots in the cage, but parrot breeding is very wrong. According to Lal Kitab, after analyzing the horoscope, many people are instructed not to be parroted and many people are asked to wear a parrot in the cage on Wednesday, but rules have been made for them.
If someone has mistakenly taken the parrot, then he should meet the red book specialist immediately. It may be that this parrot is the reason for your misfortune and waste. If the grown-up parrots are not happy then they will give you a break. You should understand that keeping the birds hostage is sin. There are many adverse consequences.
Actually, parrots have this ability that they can easily remember whatever they listen to and keep repeating them in their minds or words. In such a situation, if there is abusive or fights in your home, then he will behave like this. This will create permanent energy of negative energy in your home. Parrot Crib is thus auspicious in many cases and inauspicious too.

SO MAJESTIC | African Grey Hornbill | Creature Feature | NOT A PET!!

SO MAJESTIC | African Grey Hornbill | Creature Feature | NOT A PET!!

African Grey Hornbill information – Creature Feature!

Horris the hornbill is not a pet. I do not endorse Hornbills as pets for the average home. Please don’t think just because Horris is relaxed with me in this video that all hornbills are the same – They are NOT. Years of trust building went into Horris, so please be sensible and realistic in your pet choices.

Horris is an African Grey Hornbill (Tockus nasutus) and was captive born and bred in the UK.
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