WWMTH – Episode 89 – Florence Parot, owner at The Sophrology Academy

WWMTH – Episode 89 – Florence Parot, owner at The Sophrology Academy

Florence is a Sophrologist who specialises in stress, sleep, burnout and performance. She helps busy and talented people under pressure be at their best when they need it most.
As a result of going into burnout over 20 years ago, she learned how to have a buzzy lifestyle and keep the excitement going while also respecting her own limits. She turned that newly gained knowledge into an art form, a lifestyle and a career.
In 2010, she launched The Sophrology Academy, UK’s first Sophrology training centre. She has also started her own publishing house and is leading retreats in Kent and very soon in France.
Florence writes regularly for natural health publications. She published her first book: Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology in 2012 and is currently working on her second one.



One of out going birds

Baby parrots and parrot eggs for sale. we have a number weaned, hand fed, tamed and trained baby and adult parrots and fertilized eggs for sale.their eggs and their sub-species available now, macaws African grey cockatoo Amazons cockatiels Senegal parrots Pionus parrots conure parrots vassa parrots Jardin parrots and some few others. for more detailed information, contact us through ( -860-1-3318)…Email….monalizaclark@gmail.com

Our babies are all raised right here in our home for your home. They are well socialized and accustomed to everyday home life! We include free DNA sexing, disease testing for the 4 P’s, hatch certificate, after sales support for the life of the bird, contract of sale & more with each baby. 50% deposit required

Monaliza aviary has the following babies available:

White Bellied Caiques $1200
Black Headed Caiques $800
Philippine Blue Napes $1300
Hawk-headed Parrots $1850
African Red Bellies $700
Meyers parrots $650
Blue Headed Pionus $900
Bronze Wing Pionus $950
SI Eclectus $1300/1400 M/F
Vos Eclectus $1400/1500 M/F
Patagonian Conure $950
Bonaire Yellow Shouldered Amazons $1600
Yellow Naped Amazons $1500
Yellow-crowned Amazons $1400
Blue Front Amazon $1400
Orange Winged Amazon $950
Blue Indian Ringnecks $400
Swainson Blue mountain Lories $700
Olive mutation Scaly Breasted Lorikeet $750
Trition Cockatoos $1900
Citron Cockatoos $1900
Galah/Rose Breasted Cockatoos $1700
Umbrella Cockatoos $1400
Major Mitchell’s $4500/$5000/ M/F
Mollucan’s $2200
Black Palm Cockatoos $16000
Green Alexandrine Males $500
Cinnamon Alexandrine Female $450
Scarlet Macaws $2100
Blue & Gold Macaws $1400
Catalina Macaws $1800
Shamrock Macaws $1700
Catalina Macaws $1800
Flame Macaws $1500
Ruby Macaws $1600

Also available are:

-Amazon Parrot eggs.
-Finches eggs
-Falcons eggs
-Emu-Love Bird eggs.
-Canaries eggs
-Conures eggs
-Electus Parrot eggs.
-Senegal Parrot eggs
-Parakeets eggs
-Cockatiels eggs
-Hawk Headed Parrots,
-Toco Toucan eggs,
-Cockatiel eggs,
-Conures eggs.

Large and small parrot cages and accessories are also available for sale upon request

For information, contact us through ( -860-1-3318)…Email….monalizaclark@gmail.com

Birds for Sale in Cheap Prices | Karachi BIRDS Market Lalukhet | Video in URDU/Hindi

Birds for Sale in Cheap Prices | Karachi BIRDS Market Lalukhet | Video in URDU/Hindi

It was a first visit after Eid holiday to the Lalukhet Sunday birds market Karachi. As expected the market was in full swing with some very exotic and cheap price birds for sale!

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Red Factor African Grey Parrot Pair | Red factor Congo African Grey Parrot For Sale

Red Factor African Grey Parrot Pair | Red factor Congo African Grey Parrot For Sale

Red Factor African Grey Parrot Pair | Red factor Congo African Grey Parrot For Sale.

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