“Woody Woodpecker” whistle training budgie and parrot teach learn training

“Woody Woodpecker” whistle training budgie and parrot teach learn training

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Beak First vs Foot First | Parrot Body Language

Beak First vs Foot First | Parrot Body Language

Because Morgan has a left foot defect, she has always had people who had no clue how to properly handle her. Do they treat her as normal? Do they compensate for her, or does she do that? The questions become endless.

Morgan has not been able to speak a common language with her previous owners and I’m determined for this to come to a stop. How?

Clear communication through training.

You’ve all heard me say, “I don’t want your beak first, I want your FOOT first.” I will not even present my hand close enough to her until she knows me clear body language (through lifting her foot, or shifting her weight to do so) that her only intention is to STEP UP.

Beak first = I might bite. I might pinch. I might grab you (sometimes hard) to keep my balance. I might be gentle and simply use you to balance and step up nicely without puncture. But it’s a gamble.

Foot up = I want to step up on you. Giving a foot first, is a clear “my intention is to step up onto you.”

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Olympic silver all in a day’s work for Max Parrot

Olympic silver all in a day’s work for Max Parrot

In a sport of free spirits, Canadian snowboarder is all business in his approach.

Read more: https://www.thestar.com/sports/olympics/2018/02/11/olympic-silver-all-in-a-days-work-for-max-parrot.html

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Mambo e Swing: i nuovi minidroni Parrot | Anteprima HDblog

Mambo e Swing: i nuovi minidroni Parrot | Anteprima HDblog

Parrot ha presentato oggi a Milano due nuovi mini droni che vanno ad arricchire la famiglia dei rinomati dispositivi dell’azienda. Il primo si chiama Mambo pesa soli 63 grammi ed è pensato per finalità ludiche. Con l’ausilio di due accessori infatti, chiamati rispettivamente, Cannon e Grabber sarà possibile interagire con oggetti intorno a noi. I due gadget si applicano al drone e permettono di sparare e colpire oggetti in movimento, o di afferrrare oggetti del peso massimo di 4 gr e farli cadere. Il tutto ovviamente pilotando il drone tramite la comoda app per smartphone FreeFlight Mini.

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Kiwi’s Updated Cage Tour

Kiwi’s Updated Cage Tour

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♥Kiwi’s Cage Setup: Part 1: http://youtu.be/RMMYwnSsKKw

♥Kiwi’s Cage Setup: Part 2: http://youtu.be/xZohzAQ1f_Y

♥Kiwi the Green Cheek Conure Playing around: http://youtu.be/5eF-F7JpHyE

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