6 Green Cheek Conure Parrot – 4-6 weeks old – Baby GCC

More info at conures.thruhere.net This is a video of our latest clutch of baby birds. They will be available just before Christmas 2010! They range from 4 to 6 weeks old. The two younger ones are Green Cheek Mutations . . very cute! None of them can fly yet but I expect the older ones to start flying withing a week. Parrot Training Book – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Parrot Tricks by Tani Robar & Diane Gindol

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  1. sorry about your loss..
    Kiwi is a gorgeous name, though
    i bet she was beautiful !

  2. love it, makes me sad and happy all at once. I just lost mine 2 months ago. Kiwi, miss her terribly.

  3. We had so much fun with this clutch. I actually got really attached to one of them 🙁

  4. oh ok,listen they have 3 eggs but 2 of them looks real white but on of them looks kinda orangy ,not too white,almost like you say you can see a lil red in it,i try not to touch them,the father is really protective of the eggs,i dont think he would bite me but he always comes in front of me when i try to look at the eggs.

  5. No you do not warm it up at all. You just want light to shine through the egg. At different stages it will look different. When just laid, the light shines straight through, after a few days you can see blood vessels and after 20 days you can only see one air pocket. You need to research this before attempting it.

  6. oh i dident know that,whats candle eggs?you mean warm them up with a candle?forgive me if i sound silly but ,the book doesent say anything but get them the nest box and a healthy diet.but i do have them next to my radiator ,which keep them pretty warm.

  7. Just because they are mating doesn’t mean the eggs are fertile. That’s why breeders candle their eggs

  8. oh nevermind,lol someone told me if they had intercourse then the eggs are fretile,i guess they are fertile,lol

  9. 22 days for Green Cheeks. Not sure if Jenday and Sun are compatible, but it would be interesting to see what you get if the eggs were firtile

  10. hi i have a question for you,how long does it takes for the eggs to hatch?my sun and jenday has eggs,and they had them for almost a month.

  11. You can get them at all kinds of pet stores. they’re around 4-600 i’m buying my pinapple mutation for 125 +shipping is 135 i live in kansas and mines coming from florida. 

  12. i’m hoping to get a GCC this summer, but i’m not sure if my parrents will be on board. fingers crossed! 😀

  13. Hi dralocon, we can’t send them overseas as we’re located in Australia. but there are a number of good breeders of hand tame quality birds in the US.