A Boxer Kisses an African Grey Parrot

Raven our boxer meets Hiro Nakamura, our African Grey baby foster.

Raven was surprisingly very good. They like each other. For the trolls, Raven has never hurt any animal – and never our birds. She loves them like family!! And THAT is a breed standard. Not ear and tail crops…

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  1. have owned two boxer doggies. if you train them correctly, they will respect all other animals. lovely boxer and lovely wee birdie

  2. My Boxer and my birds hang around each other all the time, eating treats off the same dish, sitting together on my bed. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they were all raised together.

  3. A boxer attacked my grey a couple weeks ago, fortunately he was fine. I honestly can't believe you dog doesn't want to eat this little baby. BTW: Grey babies are the cutest thing on earth!

  4. A Boxer AND an African Grey…..you guys are gonna have your hands full! ha ha!

  5. LOVE this vid!  What a gorgeous boxer!  Our 2 boxers were the same with our neighbours guinea pig!  So gentle 🙂

  6. hiro nakamura!!!!! Haha best name ever I loved hiro nakamura in heroes but now I love the name only