Adding Perches and Toys to Parrot Cages

My parrots get some new perches and toys for their cages. Marianna, looks over some of the new parrot toys and perches that we got with the heal of Truman. Then she hangs the perches and toys in the birds’ cages. Check out this article with some tips on selecting perches and toys for your parrot‘s cage:

Order comfortable NU Perches for your parrot:

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  1. I just realised dowels aren't good for birds and I have four perches,three of which are dowels so can I cover them up with yarn and other materials.someone please help.

  2. My cockatiels and budgies were calling back to your birds as you were setting up the cages, lol.

  3. Hello, I study veterinary medicine, I love parrots and I am wondering if it is a good idea to have one. Every X-mas, Easter and Summer I have to travell 6 or 7 hours by train in order to visit my home to spend there the holidays and I would like to know if any kind of parrot like budgie or something bigger can handle this.🐦

  4. Ааааааааа! У Рички пальчики так и остаются РОЗОВЕНЬКИЕ! Ну до чего же мило-милота! Марьяша и Миша, а можно сопровождать ваши видео русскими субтитрами? А то лишь отдельные слова у Марианны улавливаю :о( Думаю, многим вашим русскоязычным друзьям будет полезно и интересно.

  5. Are birds social animals? Do they like human interaction? Do they recognize their owner? And are they smart?

  6. i need a new cage for my blue and gold i like the one you have for rachel can you let me know the manufacture thanks

  7. i need to get a long perch from u guys LOL i just need to measure my boy's cage & save up some money here………hummm i never give my 2 boys no toys with string on em cause it gets stuck in bird's crops. with toys i tend to think of the dangers in each toy so, i'm finicky LOL! keep the vids comin dude & marianna <3!!! cheers from WV

  8. Where is your parakeet Duke? I was watching some old videos and noticed you don't post any videos of him? Where is he?

  9. The color of toys makes a difference to Mommy who's having fun shopping for them.

  10. Great video Michael and Marianna!!!❤ I was very happy to hear you speak of removing that dangerous little bell clacker. Who color coordinates their parrot and it's toys!?!? This gal does😀 Now that's a loving parront going above and beyond just putting any old toy in its cage.😀 These fids are so lucky to be in this home for sure!!!!❤!!!❤!! All toys safe and Truman approved. Have fun with them Rachel, Truman, and Kili💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚

  11. You guys are such wonderful owners. I would love to be your parrot, I would have an amazing life with you!