Welcome back to Bird Tameness. Buying a bird only makes more demand for stores, hence more demand for breeders. Breeders then sell them at higher prices, so stores sell them higher and people buy them and so on! . Thats business for them !. ADOPT please and do not buy. However, before adopting, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Make sure you have enough time/rescoouces/budgiet and be aware that this is a LIFETIME commitment that you are doing !. Parrot can outlive you!, that is up to 75 years or so ; therefore, please make sure you are up for it!. Their lives depend o you!.

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  1. I strongly agree, i have been in pet shops and the animals are treated unfairly. I bought my pineapple conure from a previous owner and the bird is brillant. I bought some other birds from breeders and they are all great. I am a big fan of ur channel, great job with ur vids!!!

  2. I love how peopel say do not buy adopt.
    Say I adopted a bird that went through negligent and the bird I wanted to buy as a baby ended up in the wrong hands.
    I just saved a bird just so another one can get in the wrong hands.
    I just bought my self a 14weeks old sun Conure.

  3. The pet store I send my birds to has a limit on the birds they sell and they have adoption days for deaf dogs and ex racing greyhounds. I go to the pet shop every couple of days and spend time with the birds. The other pet shop will not accept or sell cats and dogs over the Christmas period. The other pet shop has cats and dogs for adoption. When you enter the pet shop there is a sign on the door saying that they sell only to people who are over 18 years old.

  4. The sad thing is that the pet shop by me has about 12 budgies in a 12" by 12" cage so i bought one i wish i could have saved them all but we got one and she has been looking a lot happy now with the right care not the awful greedy pet store care

  5. I agree but isn't buying from a pet store a form of rescue cause if a true animal lover doesn't buy from a pet store than the animal is at risk of being purchased by someone who will not take proper care of it so I'm kinda conflicted. To be clear I'm 100% for adoption and rescue but me for example I'm not aware of any rescues or adoption centers near me so please give all the advice you can

  6. My parakeet dose not like coming out but he goes in my finger inside the cage

  7. So your saying leave the animals in a cage at a pet store to suffer😆

  8. Personally, I prefer to buy my animals, but never from a store. Always direct from the breeder and I make sure I see at least the mother in the case of dogs. I'm not generally an adopt kind of person. You see, I get very attached to my companions and dogs only live 10-20 years depending on size and breed. I want that dog for as long as possible so, I get them when they are puppies (even though I hate the puppy stage) from a good breeder and see the results of the health tests the parents have gone through before breeding. I would also get a smaller parrot from a breeder, but I would be willing to adopt a larger parrot because they will almost certainly outlive me barring incurable illness or freak accident.
    Basically, I would say that, barring a rescue organisation, always make sure you know exactly where that new companion is coming from, and because people lie, the only way to do that is to buy straight from the source.
    And for those that can't find a rescue organisation near them, search for breeders before resorting to a pet store.

  9. Now I'm 16 I don't have a car nor do my parents. I don't know where I can adopt a bird since the only place in my town for pets is petland and petvalue. Now I don't see any birds in petvalue but they had a ton in petland. If I can adopt a bit I would 100% do it. But i don't know if there is one in NJ.