African Gray Parrot bathing.

my african gray was having funny on the counter and bathing. He also says what i always say which is. “Hey guy’s it’s me charlie” Listen to him?

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  1. oh yes my senegal hated any other birds and was only in love with me at the time. she now is in love with someone else. birds no she hated him…but when you try some birds may be ok not all of them. they are like us in a way,:)

  2. I see. I was just wondering since you said in an earlier comment that greys generally don’t accept other grey’s as mates after your bird’s age. I recently rehomed my own to go live with another grey and they seem to be getting along okay, but then again he isn’t sexually mature yet so I guess that’s why.

  3. i know what you mean mine like to throw hand towels around.LOL

  4. My African Grey ” Scooter” loves to play with empty milk containers, or salad dressing bottles. I’ve covered one side of the kitchen sink leaving an opening for him to climb in and he chases an empty water bottle around in a circle. Then he enjoys ripping the label off 🙂

  5. mine too…lol.. he rings it likes it dinner time loud and

  6. In africa they have two kinds of african greys and the congo is bigger and has a bright red tail. the Timneh is smaller and has a Maroon colored tail and they grey is darker.

  7. No i think im his mate and they don’t tend to breed with other birds after being raised by humans at his age. so he may not except an african grey parrot.

  8. Awww your african grey is so cute i wish had one are u going to get him a girlfriend anytime soon?

  9. my aunt has an african grey named chuck and hes so sweet and he tells her dogs and cats what to do and the dogs to sit

  10. ………i love my little Gus. he is supper smart and learns 2 words a week every week.

  11. …….cool they should start sitting on them today or tomorrow more often and then in 14 days they will hatch. You can till if they are fertile if the egg becomes more whiter. and after 4 days i normaly can see veins inside when useing a bright flash light. Im sure you knew of all this info. good luck….

  12. ……lol…i meant the eggs? what kind of eggs did you find in the nest when you said….”Yes!Two eggs found in the nest today, so excited!” are they finches?

  13. Umm, I don’t know much Bird Talk so I had no idea what a Congo or a Timneh is, and thanks. I’ll let you know on how they do :D

  14. lol….gus talks almost ALL the time…lol,but not this time!!!i cant believe how fast he is picking up words….and other silly stuff….gus loves to “talk” on the phone soooo CUTE!!!always making me laugh 🙂

  15. gus is such a pretty bird. ive been wanting to get an african grey but i dont have the money or the time for one 🙁

  16. Know you know when the camera is off Gus will sing and dance for you,