African Grey Parrot Nest Box

Congo African Grey Male feeding female in the nest box

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  1. since you have the male and female i dont think you can prevent them from hooking up…lol.. i cant wait for my congos to star mating i have the box and webcam set.. 🙂

  2. Our male is feeding the female. They do not have a nesting box. Will they breed without a box. We are hoping they wont. We dont want to lose them as pets. All of the books say, once they breed, they will never be your pet again. They have shared the same cage for the past 5 years – didnt want them to be lonely while we were at work. Should we separate them now, or not worry about it since their is no nesting box? Please help with advice. Thanks 🙂

  3. im gona soon mate my african grey andi i want to trade a baby for a amazon…anyone intrested in NYC reply pleeeeeeeez…lol

  4. This is a great vid.I am in GB. and would like to make contact with an african grey breeder