African Grey Parrot “Potty Mouth” (Filthiest Bird Ever)

If you are remotely sensitive or easily offended this is probably not the video for you. It is loaded with fowl language!! You probably won’t gain any religious points either!! His name is Potty Mouth!!

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  1. If and when I do get a parrot, I will teach it to do that same thing.

  2. This poor parrot needs a much bigger cage. Thanks an appropriate size for a cockatiel or budgies. I wonder if he gets out of his cage. This is a depressing video. 🙁

  3. I think he also said dick,I also like it when he keeps saying fucking whore

  4. why would someone teach a bird to sa….HAHAHAHAHAHA, HE SAID FUCKIN WHORE. HAHAHAHAHA

  5. L∅L Mouthy guy,+ Yeah I think the parrot said the 'N' word……But,I still ♥ the vid!

  6. They say that an adult African Grey has the intelligence of a 2 yr old human, and 2 yr olds can be pretty fuckin' devious, lol. Anyone watching shouldn't assume he's just "parroting", he knows exactly what he's saying for the most part. What REALLY gets me is how much his voice sounds like yours, Jag, lol.