African Grey parrots bedtime noises!

Mojo and Shinda always fly to the top of the kitchen door a short while before bedtime and they always make lots of what I call ‘winding-down’ noises!

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  1. Awwww, lovely! Wow, this brought back memories, this is nearly three years old and they look like such little babies there! They’re still just as gorgeous today mind you <3

  2. my parrot started to make noises with them wilst the video was on

  3. I played this to my grey and she started running and flapping around everywhere chirping and happy!

  4. Awww!! They make such cute parrot sounds, I’ve never heard anything quite like that before.  Well, except for the human-like whistling. My Pionus, Kai, really enjoyed watching this video, too!

  5. They sound like Qwynn with their whistles and chirps and noises. Classic Greys! 🙂