African grey swearing at toy

Our 11 month old african grey telling her toy exactly what she thinks of it.

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  1. Can't believe how many idiots there are saying "Boo-hoo you're caging this poor animal, it belongs in the wild, you should go hang yourself for being so cruel to it." Seriously, does it look like this bird is being abused in any way?

    If you don't like the video, then don't comment on it, let alone watch it.

  2. She spends most of her lifetime out the cage. Not defending nothing to you mate. You dont like it the leave the channel.

  3. i know some ppl with parrots and such that plain leave the door open of the cage. ppl with birds like these treat them like a dog in a way is ur dog in jail?

  4. @Weepiper35: how can you defend your statement that she's NOT jailed? She will live most of her life in that tiny cage regardless of whether she is "loved" by your family. Thus, she is jailed for a lifetime just for being born. How cruel.


  6. I am sorry you see it that way. We had a bird who was not caged and a very large goanna tried to decapitate it and we scared it away – My mother clipped its wings and it could not fly away (cruel right) I just feel real sad for these lovely birds who live almost as long as us.

  7. why not teach the bird something that is beautiful watch Zako Arturek

  8. Shes far from jailed but i do see where you are coming from. All i can say is she is lovede as a family member and given the best a captive bird could want.

  9. I have an african grey too that talks up a storm. They are so smart. I have some funny videos of him talking/swearing on my channel too. Such fun pets to have and share. 🙂