Aimee Nolte & Nicki Parrott Live at the Jazz Corner

Recorded at The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head, South Carolina, July 12, 2017

Just 3 hours after meeting Nicki for the first time, we had to perform together as part of the Hilton Head Jazz Camp at great club called The Jazz Corner. I’m so glad to report that the two of us really hit it off and had a blast playing together. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. She’s absolutely wonderful! Please check and get an album or two! Tasty stuff all around.

The short setlist:
Blue Moon/Moonglow
Where Or When
On The Sunny Side Of The Street

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Thanks for watching!
Aimee Nolte

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  1. Hey Aimee;  This is great.  I'd like to hear more like this.  By the way, have you heard Tommy Emmanuel play Mason Williams' "Clasical Gas"?  It'll blow your mind and be sure to check out the link below the video on YouTube.  His boogie Amazing Grace is pretty good too.  I love Eva Cassidy too.  PS:  Especially her version of "Wade in the Water".

  2. Wow..thats some heavenly duetin going guys sounded so in synch for not much prep time..outstanding work~!! Man that was cool..beans..

  3. What a treat to come upon a You Tube video of two of my favorite musicians performing a duet! Each of these talented women makes me smile every time I see them. They are both so joyful.

  4. You what would be awesome? Seeing Aimee rehearse and arrange. Or arrange and rehearse. Whatever it takes.

    Playing stuff isn't a problem for me: it's the arranging.

    Meaning, learning a song that was done by a quartet and now, we're gonna go it with two people – or a solo.

    That's where I'm getting hung up. No matter what I do, it sounds crappy.

  5. Aimee you're an awesome jazz pianist, singer also, but it's your instrumental talent that catch my attention; and both at same time is so beautiful ! Thanlks for sharing this cool moment

  6. All "four " of you just melted together. So smooth. No need for chocolate anymore. Just beautiful.🇦🇺🇺🇸

  7. Every moment is just totally "in the ZONE"!!! Thanks for this and all your great videos! 🙂

  8. I love music that caresses my heart and soul………THIS was thirteen minutes of warm feelings. Wonderful!

  9. Fabulous, Aimee and Nicky.. Lovely harmony and scatting. Would enjoy a recording from you two.. don't stop collaboration..

  10. South Carolina??? I thought you were heading back to California!! Wow, this is a surprise, she's performed with Les Paul in a trio in looking!!! Just amazing, Nicki reminds me a bit of Peggy Lee as a singer with the demeanor of Olivia Newton John LOL. It makes me so happy to see that classic jazz is still being performed in places like this. Absolutely wonderful indeed, especially as you'd only met a few hours earlier in the day, your voices go so well together, hope you both keep in contact and we have the privilege of seeing you perform again!!

  11. omg! my both love are playing together! You had a great duet, trully duet! Beautifull ❤

  12. Great clip!!!!! Seeing and hearing you and Nicki together is a dream come true. Had I known both of you were going to be performing together I would have driven up to listen in person. I am a fan of both of you, and have all of Nicki's recorded work with Rossano Sportiello.