All Colorful Parrot Species List (A To Z)

Hi birdlovers. This video are maden by us for you. Video includes all colorful and most beautiful parrot species. Good time. 🙂

Types of Parrots and names:
Adelaide rosella
African grey parrot
Alexandrine parakeet
Amazonian parrotlet
Andean parakeet
Antipodes parakeet
Australian king parrot
Australian ringneck
Austral conure or parakeet
Azure rumped parrot
Barred parakeet
Blue-bellied parrot
Blue-cheeked amazon
Blue-collared parrot
Blue-crowned green parrot
Blue-crested lory
Blue-crowned hanging parrot
Blue-crowned lorikeet/lory
Blue-crowned parrot
Blue-necked lory
Blue-rumped parrot
Blue-streaked lory
Caica parrot
Canary-winged parakeet
Cape parrot
Derbyan parakeet
Double-eyed fig parrot
Eastern rosella
Eclectus parrot
Edwards’ fig parrot
Elegant parrot
El Oro parakeet
Emerald parakeet
Fairy lorikeet
Festive amazon
Fiery-shouldered parakeet
Fischer’s lovebird
Flame-winged parakeet
Gang-gang cockatoo
Goldie’s lorikeet
Grey-cheeked parakeet
Green-winged macaw
Hispaniolan amazon
Hooded parrot
Horned parakeet
Hyacinth macaw
Imperial amazon
Indigo lory
Indigo-winged parrot
Iris lorikeet
Jandaya parakeet
Jardine’s parrot
Josephine’s lorikeet
Lilac-tailed parrotlet
Lilian’s lovebird
Little corella
Little lorikeet
Baudin’s black cockatoo
Long-billed corella
Long-tailed parakeet
Luzon parrot
Luzon racquet-tail
Madarasz’s tiger parrot
Malabar parakeet
Malherbe’s parakeet
Mallee ringneck
Maroon-bellied conure/parakeet
Maroon-fronted parrot
Maroon-tailed parakeet
Masked shining parrot
Mauritius parakeet
Mealy amazon
Meek’s lorikeet
Mexican parrotlet
Meyer’s parrot
Military macaw
Mindanao lorikeet
Mindanao racquet-tail
Mitred parakeet
Modest tiger parrot
Moluccan hanging parrot
Moluccan king parrot
Monk parakeet
Mountain parakeet
Mulga parrot
Musk lorikeet
Nanday parakeet
New Caledonian lorikeet
Newton’s parakeet
Niam-niam parrot
Nicobar parakeet
Night parrot
Northern rosella
Olive-headed lorikeet
Olive-shouldered parrot
Olive-throated parakeet
Orange-bellied parrot
Orange-billed lorikeet
Orange-breasted fig parrot
Orange-cheeked parrot
Orange-chinned parakeet
Orange-fronted parakeet
Orange-winged amazon
Ornate lorikeet
Pacific parakeet
Pacific parrotlet
Plum-headed parakeet
Pohnpei lorikeet
Port Lincoln parrot
Princess parrot
Puerto Rican amazon
Purple-bellied lory
Purple-crowned lorikeet
Purple-naped lory
Pygmy hanging parrot
Pygmy lorikeet
Quaker parrot
Rainbow lorikeet
Raja lory
Red-capped parrot
Red-cheeked parrot
Red-chinned lorikeet
Red-fronted macaw
Red-fronted parakeet
Red-fronted parrot
Red-winged parrot
Red-vented cockatoo
Regent parrot
Rimatara lorikeet
Rock conure
Rock parrot
Rose-faced parrot
Saffron-headed parrot
Saint Croix macaw
Salmon-crested cockatoo
Salvadori’s fig parrot
Samoan lory
Sangihe hanging parrot
Sandia conure
Santa Marta parakeet
Sapphire-rumped parrotlet
Scaly-breasted conure/parakeet
Scaly-breasted lorikeet
Scaly-headed parrot
Scaly-naped amazon
Scarlet-chested parrot
Scarlet-fronted parakeet
Scarlet macaw
Singing parrot
Slaty-headed parakeet
Slender-billed parakeet
Socorro parakeet
Solomon lory
Speckle-faced parrot
Spectacled parrotlet
Spix’s macaw
Spot-winged parrotlet
St. Lucia amazon
Striated lorikeet
St. Vincent amazon
Sula hanging parrot
Sulawesi hanging parrot
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Turquoise parrot
Ultramarine lorikeet
Varied lorikeet
Vernal hanging parrot
Vinaceous amazon
Violet-necked lory
Vulturine parrot
Wallace’s hanging parrot
Western rosella
Western corella
White cockatoo
White-bellied parrot
White-crowned parrot
White-eared parakeet
White-eyed parakeet
White-fronted amazon
White-naped lory
White-necked parakeet
Carnaby’s black cockatoo
Wied’s parrotlet
Yellow-and-green lorikeet
Yellow-bibbed lory
Yellow-billed lorikeet
Yellow-billed amazon
Yellow-breasted pygmy parrot
Yellow-capped pygmy parrot
Yellow-chevroned parakeet
Yellow-collared lovebird
Yellow-crested cockatoo
Yellow-crowned amazon
Yellow-eared parrot
Yellow-faced parrot
Yellow-faced parrotlet
Yellow-fronted parakeet
Yellow-fronted parrot
Yellow-headed amazon

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  1. wowwwwwwww nice and lovely …great to see these lovely parrots… i have 10 pairs of different kinds o birds nd parrots… (lots of love from pakistan)

  2. Many of the ones that were called a parakeet are actually conures. for example the green cheeked conure and the sun conure

  3. and raudins black cockatoo? omg thats a white tail black cockatoo.