ALL MY PET SUPPLIES! | September 2017

☛From bedding-toys, wheels-enclousures, I cover and discuss all of my pet supplies today with you for the month of September (2017)! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

☛ Welcome to my channel where I create fun and entertaining videos all things pet related. This includes DIY’s, Cage Tours, Reviews, Hauls, and Vlogs just to name a few! The types of animals that I have are included in the following categories; Small animal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibians, Dogs, and Livestock! Hope you join me ! 😉 ✰✰✰

☛ Leave all/any video suggestions/questions in the comment section and I will answer all!

☛ What I use in my videos:
CAMERA: Canon T6



Previously known as CGpets 101

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  1. My pet supplies looks like my two year old cousin came and destroyed her you box

  2. now I really want to make a video like this. So entertaining seeing what others have and use

  3. WOW! That's pretty impressive! Very organized!!! I could learn a thing or to from you. Great video!

  4. wow yours is so organised, i often spend ages trying to find where i put something! i always imagine how mine would look nice and organised but i never get round to it! i need to buy something so i can keep organised! i don't have all my pets in my room, my pet room is upstairs and carpeted so i can't have my axolotl in my room! still haven't got his tank setup but he's really ill so idk if he can really appreciate the new space. his gills are practically nonexistent but still he made me love axolotls sm even tho he just sits and stares at the wall all day. such good orginisation curtis!!!

  5. Awesome! I have a few videos up but my camera broke and am now actively trying to get caught up on bills so I can get another but I feel like when I show my face I'll feel so awkward.