Amazing Basketball Birds Full Court Basketball with four Parrots! Outrageous! Fun! Like no other! “2 on 2” and “1 on 1”

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  1. i would put bets on teams with my friends if they were my of course ill have it rigged so ill

  2. They play exactly the same as 2012 NBA ! no defence, travel all the time,
    give them a heat singlet ! can someone say 2013 MVP?:)
    my penis videos are sick

  3. How do you train him. i mean i want to teach my bird to put a ball in a mini basket.
    How do you make him do the thing in the first place.
    Because if he would puts it in the basket i click the clicker and give him the treat
    but you know how would he ever know what to do???

  4. do you sell the babies if u mate them..i want to mate my congo african grey

  5. Today I learned something new I did not know this parrot existed

  6. you’re so awkward with the comments, dont try to be funny.