Amazon Bird Toy Haul 2017! – Leto is spoiled!

Thanks for watching!

Here is a link to all the toys I shared in the video!

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  1. Recently just purchased this bird and it’s adorable, your bird videos are amazing!

    Also wondering what camera you use to film?

  2. LOL!! My Archie (green cheek conure) was a bell hawk, too! He habitually dismantled the clappers, so I had to be careful with him.

  3. Thank you. I have been looking for something like this for my parrotlet.

  4. I had a Blue and Gold Macaw named Col.Bradberry,hatched him from a egg.He was loved and bonded to me, but became the pet of my ex, during the divorce due to me being in the military at the time and the ex-wasn't.It was thought the bird would have a more stable home in a non miltary home.I miss the bird to this day.It is like have a two-year old that never grows up but delightful but time demanding pets.Great toys love the shopping cart!