Amazon parrots free flight

Amazon parrots free flying. Bebe comes first and Darwin flies more. In this time of the year Bebe doesn’t feel in good shape. I yell loudly to keep contact when they disappear from my sight. Don’t try this without proper training.

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  1. I have to say my Amazon LOVES this video. I think she is amazed by your birds (voices)……..she is 14 and I need to flight train her (no, I do not expect the results you have had due to her age). More vids please! 😉

  2. How did you train them to fly this way? It’s incredible! 😀 please tell me, I love parrots

  3. Habitue-o ao exterior dentro de uma gaiolinha. Quando estiver bem calmo e relaxado faça fora o mesmo treino que ele já está habituado dentro de casa. Os ringnecks costumam ser mais independentes que os outros papagaios, por isso o treino deve ser cuidadoso. Boa sorte!

  4. ele já atende meu chamado eu grito “Nekki!” ou “Tchau” e ele já vem na minha direção e eu vou ler o aconselhamento freeflight list

  5. Sou portuguesa. Para voar fora é preciso aprender a voar na altura devida, treinar em casa o chamamento usando o reforço positivo (a sua comida favorita) e habituá-lo ao exterior dentro de uma gaiola. Precisa observar a linguagem corporal dele para evitar o stresse. Faça no exterior o mesmo treino do interior. Se lê bem inglês procure aconselhamento na freeflight list do yahoo. O seu ringneck não quer fugir de si mas pode assustar-se. Treine também em casa o chamamento de contacto. Boa sorte.

  6. Vc é brasileira?? e se for me responde uma pergunta: eu ensinei meu ringneck (Nekki- 5 meses) a voar e ele não consegue ficar longe de mim quando ele fica ele se desespera começa a gritar e voar que nem um loco desesperado mas eu não tenho segurança de soltar ele fora e fazer ele voar live e depois voltar! Se eu fizesse isso ele iria fugir né?

  7. These are dream-come-true parrots. Amazon’s that can fly around AND come back to their owner!!!!


  9. @Isasamp Se puder assista meus vídeos mais recentes. Estou treinando minha calopsita, só falta mesmo introduzir o voo em ambiente externo.

  10. Please get some good information about how to begin. Go to libertywings and learn how to free fly your bird safely. All the best. Isabel

  11. i wish i could let my amazon dod that when i get one pretty soon

  12. Gostei de seus papagaios.Um dia gostaria de ter dois desses, de preferenca (um lilac,um blue fronted, um double yellow headed e dois macaws.Sou fan de papagaios, sao como criancas mesmo…take care!

  13. It is not safe to free fly older birds that were not properly fledged. Let your birds to fly at home and develop their flying skills. Learn how to recall train them. Go to freeflight list of yahoo or to libertywings site. Good luck for you and your parrots.

  14. Don’t free fly your bird without proper training. You can (will) loose your bird. Only baby birds can safely be trained by owners. Go to freeflight list of yahoo and learn how.

  15. we have a amazon im asking if it could be attacked by hawks when flying reply if you have a answer

  16. YOOOOOOOOOOoo this is so cool every bird owner in the world should let their birds fly around like this 😉

  17. 500$ amazon gift card for free ending soon [free]

  18. In libertywings you can find good and reliable info about how to free fly your baby parrot safely. All the best.

  19. This is amazing. I wish i couldve taught my conure this when i first got him. But im getting a green wing macaw baby soon (just waiting for them to hatch!(: ) and i would love to be able to train him to do this. How did you train them? Any tips? Your amazons are beautiful by the way.

  20. I would soooooooo love to do this but with my luck they would either fly away or be chased off by a bird of prey

  21. It is a very effective way to train (=educate) any animal using the most positive and humane methods. There is a lot of information in the internet. Subscribe, for example the list clickbirds of Yahoo.

  22. An older parrot can be a wonderful pet. Learn how to clicker train him and have fun!

  23. Train him for inside flight. Outside flight training should begin when the bird is very young and learns to fly in the right age. Your brother will certainly loose his bird with outside flight. All the best.