America’s Got Talent S09E06 Joe the Birdman & Tika Talking Bird Act

The Birdman introduces the judges to his trained parrot, Tika, who entertains the judges with his amazing speaking and singing abilities. Tika even sings “Happy Birthday to You,” inspiring Howie to prank Mel B by telling everyone that it’s her birthday.

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  1. Joe the Birdman! He went to my elementary school.

  2. When people say "oh I'm speechless"
    It's because this bird took all of their speech XD

  3. Shocking Bird knows how to sing and talk!!!! Comment if you like it!!! 

  4. I think to difficult have parrots talking you hoped words.
    so,his talent of training is amazing

  5. It was kinda creepy how the bird made that evil cackle at the end lol