An Introduction to Using Random Rewarding In Parrot Training [FR 1-5 & VRRV)

This week Dave and I are talking about how we use Random Rewarding which is a term we’ve come to use to explain using the terms FR 1-5 and VRRV very basically.

We show how to use it, what it is and why to use it. We’ve found, especially when it comes to flight training (namely for outdoors) that Random Rewarding is essential to our success.

We hope it helps you and your training in some way! Please leave us feedback on what you think or any questions you may have regarding it so we can answer those in the comments.

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  1. I need help my budgie doesn't step up even. If I push his tummy 

  2. I loved your magic show on the Norwegian Dawn!! I was wearing a neon yellow sweatshirt and got a picture!!!

  3. I like the idea of variable or random schedules of reinforcement but clicking should always be followed by a reinforcer.
    Otherwise the click loses its value.
    You can chain a number of behaviors but only click at random, and reward after every click.
    And it's also recommended that you do not cue more than three or four behaviors without reinforcing. And if you must, then work up the tolerance so it's not frustrating the animal.

  4. Hi I need to talk about owing a parrot it's quite long and I have many questions what will be best way to talk.:)

  5. Hey guys! Thanks so much for this video I love seeing you working with Bandit, Bondi and Cressi (and of course, cute little Capri) hehe

    I watched this this morning, then took Echo out for some training this afternoon, I tried the FR1, FR2 and 3 and he responded brilliantly to it – you are right it does get them thinking – "hmmm – when am I getting this treat mum?"

    I have him flying to me on cue – all I have to do is stick my hand out and he comes straight to me – I click, put him back, do it again – click, put him back, do it again then he gets his treat – he seems to be loving the anticipation!

    Same with the spin – do it couple of times then he gets his treat – was I'm so proud of our lovely boy!

  6. What a great video. You're both so good at explaining and demonstrating the types of actions and methods that are most conducive to training. I loved learning about how random rewarding even works on eagles! I'm definitely going to implement this for my little Amazon in the future.
    Dave mentioned there being exceptions for using FR-1 when first teaching a bird behavior. Under what circumstances should we alter the method? What's an example of one of these exceptions? How can I tell when to move up to FR-2?

  7. Good video!  You two are so funny… very witty too!  I just love watching you guys having fun out there.  🙂  
    But seriously – this information is stellar.  Totally makes sense, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to share this with us.  And Bandit's little voice is SOOO cute!  Please continue making BTT videos!  <3  :)

  8. How do I make my birds comfortable being in different rooms? My two macaws cant be 5feet from each other without screaming and flying back to me with the other bird …

  9. I just caught up with ally our Tuesday's videos 😀 I've had a Senegal Parrot for about 3 or 4 weeks now I guess he's still classed as a baby at about 5 months old, and I've been training him using basically the same methods as you seem to use, he can wave, turn around and recall at I would say a beginner level now. But there were so many little (but essential) things that I've been able to pick up from these videos, one being length of training sessions and another the general mentality of whenever you handle the bird it should be thought of as training since he's always learning from you – this was valuable thanks so much!
    I have a question that I don't thing you mentioned yet though, which is how many times would you say is ok to train in a day, I've herd twice a day is more than enough, but I often can't help myself since at some points he just seems so willing or even wanting to train, would really appreciate your thoughts on that.
    Thanks again!