Apollo the Amazing Amazon Parrot Singing and Talking in the Shower

Meet Apollo our baby Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. I had just given him a little spritz bath in the shower and he decided to sing and chat with me! Wat…

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  1. Wrong.  He actually he IS a male Amazon but thanks for watching.

  2. Okay! So going to try that with mine! He loves that word “what?”

  3. Right now, the front half of Apollo’s head is completely yellow and it’s beginning to run down his chin and toward the back of his head. When we first met him as a baby, he had a big yellow spot on the top of his head. So it’s a process. In can take years before he gets all of his yellow in.

  4. Yes and no. The double yellow and the lesser known yellow shouldered are variations of the same Amazon parrot. The difference is the shoulder coverlets. The more common double yellow has red coverlets (like Apollo). In the yellow shouldered, these feathers are, well, yellow. Most of the markings are pretty much the same. With the double yellow, the green head and neck feathers molt out over the years and generally grow back in yellow.

  5. luv ur bird but isnt this a yellow shourldered amazon? jus asking?

  6. Keep singing to your bird or pick phrases and repeat them and then just leave him. That’s how I teach Apollo. Currently, we are learning to sign “You are my sunshine” and he is catching on pretty well. Takes time though.  Just be patient!

  7. My birds absolutely love hearing him. Maybe it will give them insentive to copy him!! i think he is wonderful. Gail

  8. he is so cute! 🙂 for not quite being 2 years he does a good job here

  9. LOL! Yeah he was only 18 months here. He’s now 2 years and talks and sings even more. He now chants “Lets Go Yankees – Cluck, cluck, cluck-cluck-cluck!” and then goes right into signing Take me out to the ballgame. Gotta love him!

  10. “Take me out to the crooooowd buy me – gwiiiinggahg – e i e i o!”

  11. He sings so well! I bet he talks up a storm too, huh! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!! I love how he has the trill in your voice down so well – Ruby’s Mom