Apollo the Sun Conure meets our Chickens

Apollo the Sun Conure is a little unsure about meeting the chickens. It was surprising to me because he’s usually aggressive with other animals. Maybe he was…

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  1. ooh. I just finished your outside flying video and I like the new camera 🙂

  2. i was going to buy a parrot but I have school and i dont know if its okay for my parrot to stay 7 hours alone at my house. How much time do you leave your parrot alone? Is it okay if my parrot stays at my house for that long time?

  3. Thank you so much for this, I’m glad you have your Parrot back, and this is a lesson for me never to try outside flight. Our Senegal parrot has only had her wings clipped once, and we never did it again in the past 7 years (she’s 8.5), so she’s free to fly all she wants inside though house where there are no predators, and almost no risks involved. Again, thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Love your chickens, very pretty little ladies. And your buddy is supper cute too.

  5. I too had an awful experience one morning around 5am taking out trash. Forgot she was on my shoulder & off he went my Green Cheek Conure I didn’t understand until then how very dangerous it is for them. It took me until later afternoon before he came to me. I was so upset, & would take a break from looking, go inside & cry. I too was so mad @ myself. Now all my neighbors know what a Crazy Bird Lady really is… My nick name in my community

  6. I always felt confident that my sun conure would never leave my shoulder. We were sitting on the porch one morning and she was spooked by a helicopter and took off. A neighbor found her several hours later hiding under a car. She was muddy and missing feathers. I am still angry with myself. I forgot she was hand raised and not equipped to escape predators she would never had encountered in her native wild. Please remember that being loved by a parrot is a big responsibility. Thanks for reading.

  7. they are very lonesome birds the like attention. when i have company i leave the cage open,she loves to sit on top and people watch.

  8. bird plucks feathers off chest because of itch due to fungas from poor diet,and dirty cage.don’t feed peanuts.

  9. I have a 7yo Sun, I don’t want to clip him anymore, how do I teach him to always come back to me? How do I know that he won’t fly away? How do I get him to return if he has a sudden fright and he flies away?

  10. my rat got taken by a hawk. I had two others at the time. It took the most tame one, and fallows me when ever I’m outside now ._.

  11. On the comment i messed up on the bottom and i really wont a parrot

  12. I have 2 budgies and i am trying to train them to talk. I read on your website that budgies are excellent talking birds and by the way awsome video keep up the good work on your videos and training Apollo

    your v that budgies are elxalint to talk awesome video

  13. Hey jonduanrperry how did you train him to step up did you get him when he was small?

  14. i was going to buy a sun conure but I have school from 7 am to 8 pm. How much time do you think i can leave my parrot alone? How much time do you let your parrot alone at your house?

  15. I was going to say, watch out for hawks…! Scariest thing of my life was watching my little jenday conure being chased by a hawk. Thank goodness the hawk didn’t get him, but it scared us all. Those hawks are very observant and this one was hanging out by the doorway just waiting for the opportunity. It’s great to see your parrot fly outside, but in my opinion, it’s not worth the danger. Build a large outdoor aviary if you have the means!

  16. What ever happened to Apollo and the parakeet you got? i noticed you stopped posting videos 7 months ago hope you come back soon

  17. I have Sun named Elmo.
    I have been taking him outside, he is nervous due to the strange surroundings, so is happy to stay on my shoulder or finger. I did loose him once, I think he got confused and didn’t recognise how to get back (found him 30min later), I haven’t been trying to fly him outside since, but I still take him out on my shoulder or finger, he is happy to stay with me. Im hoping to familiarise him with the outside of our house.

    I have seen many of your videos, thanks for sharing

  18. Nearly had a heart attack when I saw Apollo fly off because my jenday conure flew away a month ago. Glad to see Apollo is better behaved….:)

  19. hey i need some advice. Well i go to school from 8:00 – 3:45 counting the ride. I am going to get a sun conuer pretty soon and i am afraid it’ll be lonely and pluck it’s feathers off it’s chest. My friend has a macaw and it plucks it’s feathers on it’s chest and it would be so much prettier if it didn’t. I’m afraid that’ll happen to it can you give me some advice. Oh yeah and i love apollo. Thank you for your time. 😛

  20. make more videos jesus christ man!!!!!!!
    7 months! since you posted this c´mon man!!!