Audi Murphy Blue Front Amazon Parrot 4

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  1. People do NOT realize how messy they can be and how they can pick up horrible habits very fast.
    I continually stimulate her mind and keep her busy. She gets new toys ALOT as Amazon’s love to chew wood.
    Her fav thing is to watch youtube videos of other BF amazons that seem to develop crushes on her.

  2. No parrot has ever had it so good.
    Yes, birds when reaching their sexual maturity can become aggressive. BUT though for witnessing many, people that came into that bird store. I saw to many getting rid of them. I worked in a pet store and ran the bird department. The novelty wears off pretty fast. People don’t know how to train them to step up, people don’t know how to get them to talk.
    In fact I am going to make a new video of her

  3. I have a background of birds and hand feeding them since I was working running a huge bird department.
    Audi was brought to us by some people that had adopted her and had 0 clue what THEY were doing.
    Audi loves us and her monster size double bird cage, we took out the center divider so she has the entire cage to herself with natural driftwood perches.

  4. This one is Female as we had her sexed shortly after that video was taken in Memorial Day, May, 2008.
    Audi, is now 6 and she is so much more clever, happy, healthy eats Roudybush, assorted fruits, vegetables and knows so much more.
    I the female of the house am completely bonded to her. She lets me put her onto her back and lays still. She has NEVER bitten me or even threatened to. My husband has had his share of nips.

  5. Meanwhile they only live to be a hundred! If this is a male, just wait until he turns hormonal at 5 or 6–that’s when most people rehome them because their bite can do permanent nerve damage. Not that I don’t wish you and your bird the best, but people should visit a rescue and see how many people have turned in their blue fronts. I am fostering a 20-something wild-caught bf btw.

  6. LOL, we do also have a Cockatiel, you can hear her chirping in the background. Our Tiel L.C. doesn’t not talk but she does love Audi they are best buds.

  7. Very beautiful bird! His talking sounds like a Cockatiel’s voice! (used to have a few ‘tiels that would sound like that) Wonder if he lived with some ‘tiels? Sounds like you also have a cockatiel, as well. It’s amusing! Also, my BFA, Kalani, would whistle that same song! I miss her so much. She was lost during a surgery. 🙁

  8. well even if I start petting him from his head, back he will still freak out. But I’m happy Audi is doing well 🙂

  9. Great job on the re hab!!! Just so you know, Amazons do not like being touched from behind, predators get them this way and it is a natural instinct for them to react to it. Audi doesn’t like it either so I don’t upset her. What I do is put her onto her back on my lap. She loves that. Best of luck with Conan. Audi is doing great. I should post some new videos, she has the most amazing condo cage now. It is really for 2 birds but we took out the center divider for her.

  10. I have a blue fronted amazon named Conan 🙂 he was 23 when we saved him from an abused home & was very sick & would get smacked on the back with a remote control :'( we’ve had him for over 2 years now & he has really bonded with my mom & I 🙂 He went from having dull brittle feathers to vibrant beautiful shades of all the colors in less than a month 🙂 now he’s happy & healthy. The only thing is that he doesn’t let any1 touch his back & doesn’t like electronics. But besides that he’s amazing 😀

  11. I have the red wing Amazon just like him. Her name is rosey

  12. Now i see how a 2 year old bird looks like.
    Would you believe that mine is older than i am?
    You can see him on my channel

  13. However, young birds may not have gone through sexual maturity, when many issues can develop. If a bird is sexual mature and well past then the baggage is known. If folks are patient and let the bird pick you, rather then buying a certain type then bonding is well underway. Adopting an mature bird rather then buying a younger bird can stop the bird-mill abuse and neglect that ensues.

  14. as much as I understand adopting, birds are different and it is very difficult to bond or fix birds that have bad issues like screaming and biting. A young bird comes without any baggage.

  15. I adopted a BFA about a year ago, His story is he was wild caught, breeder bird that spend 20 at least in a basement.  The breeder is now realizing the plight of the creatures she sold, none are in the original home, even though she thought she had educated her buyer. Get an older bird, that has gone through puberty. Let the bird pick you. Hermes is wonderful, sweet, loving, starting to talk and coming out of his protective shell. ADOPT!

  16. oh thats good. knowing i dont have to spend a fortune on wood every week, haha, well cheekii does love to chew on things, when i bought her the pet shop we got free food and toys and she has chewed her wooden one up to bits D:

  17. As long as her toys are natural wood with NO paint on them I would say they are lead free. Birds LOVE to chew on wood, it has nothing to do with you’re texting or her jealously of it. She has no clue you are texting, I wish they would be that smart. If her toys are painted make sure that the paint is lead free and you should have no problems…. Audi loves colored painted toys and she chews them right up.

  18. my bird lives for attention too! i mean she hates my phone (im a text addict) lol infact shehaschewed the cover to pieces ;/ if i were to purchase leadfree wood how much would it be?

  19. Thank you, I have spend countless hours with her talking and singing to her and she LOVES to watch youtube videos of other birds.

  20. Thank you Audi is my constant companion and she lives for the attention.. she is also very good at self entertaining… I always make sure she has new wooden toys to shred to pieces as well. Birds love to chew wood. Just make sure it is LEAD free.

  21. so many birds are in need of adoption, dumped by impulse buyers, who tend to be the same people who do not train the bird or give it what it needs to be a good pet. Some of them are lucky to wind up in rescues, where they are rehabilitated. Some just get bounced from owner to owner, or stuck in a back room and ignored until they actually go insane or die from poor treatment. But the breeders just keep pumping them out, they don’t care. Please encourage adoption!

  22. I can see a lot of American people taking away tons of animals…I live in Brazil and I see what really happens. The thing is…North American people like buying our animals. That’s the reason why you have a lot of parrots there. They should live in a tropical country not in a so cold country like yours. …they need warm weather. You must talk to your American friends about it. STOP BUYing Brazilian, African, etc animals…take care of yours…and leave ours where they need to be…

  23. I have an Amazon Parrot, similar to this, mine is Amazon – Amazon. She only shits and pees on one of her 2 bathrooms, speak many words, have her wings uncut and never flew away, she is out of her cage most of the day (mostly with my elder father who loves her). She is playful, loving, and peaceful and REALLY smart, never ceases to amaze us.
    From what I’ve read, Africans Grey are very similar in behavior and intelligence. I chose this because I leave at South America.

  24. I’m having trouble deciding between this or an African grey:/ can anybody help?

  25. Don’t buy one from a pet store ( shame on me since I work in one) I am just saying that there are plenty of rescues available at all times. My bird was a rescue and she is the sweetest girl now at 5 years old. I got her at 2 years old for free with a cage. I have since purchased her a cage that is more like a condo for her lol. Best of luck.

  26. A real shame they are so expensive. They also cost well over $1000 in Québec. I would love to adopt a blue-fronted amazon. They require alot of attention and care, and I have alot of attention and love to give. ^^

  27. Here in Australia a young hand reared one of these costs around $1,500 , bet there not that expensive over there.They are gorgeous birds.