Pockemon Crew – Trip to Barcelona Summer 2012 – “Gourbi Of Green Parrot ” =)

Pockemon Crew – Trip to Barcelona Summer 2012 – “Gourbi Of Green Parrot ”  =)

– Pockemon Crew – Trip to Barcelona (Spain) – July 2012 ^^

” Le Gourbi Electric Boogie” ahaha – Chilling Time With Brothers =)

Video By Guegorr Iphone ahah

Starring :

– Guegorr
– Maxime
– Karim
– Moy
– Tyty
– Willy
– Mehdi
– Billy

Ahahah Good Memories ^^


Garden Birds Extravaganza – 2 Hours

Garden Birds Extravaganza – 2 Hours

2 Hours of beautiful garden birds filmed in my garden on July 27th 2017 – Filmed in Slow Motion using a Panasonic HC V750 Camcorder

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in July 2017

Talking Parrot 🐦Cute Bird Talking [Funny Pets]

Talking Parrot 🐦Cute Bird Talking [Funny Pets]

Parrots are amazing!
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These video clips of talking parrot is so cool! They make different sound effects and talks! What an awesome parrot they are! What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy!

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Talking Parrot:

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The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Fake Phone Ringing – Funny Animal Video

The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Fake Phone Ringing – Funny Animal Video

The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Fake Phone Ringing – Funny Animal Video
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The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva), also called the Turquoise-fronted Amazon and Blue-fronted Parrot, is a South American species of Amazon parrot and one of the most common Amazon parrots kept in captivity as a pet or companion parrot. Its common name derives from the distinctive blue marking on its head just above its beak.

The Blue-fronted Amazon is a mainly green parrot about 38 cm (15 in) long. They have blue feathers on the forehead above the beak and yellow on the face and crown. Distribution of blue and yellow varies greatly among individuals. Unlike most Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot at The Farm at Walnut Creekother Amazona parrots, its beak is mostly black. There is no overt sexual dimorphism. Juveniles of all parrots are duller and have dark irises.

My Parrot Flew Away at The Worst Time | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

My Parrot Flew Away at The Worst Time | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello parrot lovers,
I really hope you enjoy this story because it really is one of my all time favorites! This is the story of my Galah cockatoo Vinny and the day he flew away and how it turned out to be pretty dramatic.
This video also stars my Mustache parakeet, Picasso as a co-host.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Tracy is now pregnant and today is her baby shower!!

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