Exotic Birds: Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

Exotic Birds: Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

Learn About Hyacinth Macaw Parrot – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Learn about Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

One of the most unique birds out there is the Hyacinth Macaw. This is Matilda right here. Hyacinths are the biggest of the Macaws, they are a protected species in the wild. They are rather difficult to come by, a baby costs around 0,000. They are very sweet, they are called the gentle giants because they have a real good personality, they are very easy going and generally pretty friendly with people. They need a very big cage, at least about 4 feet wide. They also need a good environment, play stand, lots of things to play with, lots of things to chew on. They also need macadamia nuts as part of their diet. In the wild they eat a lot of palm nuts, and the closest we can really come here in the States is macadamia nuts. They do need palm nuts or macadamia nuts in their diet.

Birds are pretty long lived. A bird like this can have a life expectancy of up to 50-60 years, maybe even longer. They don’t usually live to their life expectancy, so I would say that an average age on a bird like this would be maybe 30-40 years.

Matilda is very unique because they are very difficult to breed. They are very gentle, pretty quiet. Although when they do make noise it is pretty loud. They don’t, they’re not real good talkers. When Matilda talks, she says, hello and everyone in the store kind of laughs because it sounds so strange. There are several different types of Blue Macaws although many of them have become extinct or are almost extinct in the wild, but there are a few birds that have this coloring. This is the Hyacinth Macaw.

Amazing animals: Parrot speaks Spanish to British owner after having gone missing for 4 years

Amazing animals: Parrot speaks Spanish to British owner after having gone missing for 4 years

Darren Chick’s long lost pet parrot Nigel was recently returned to him after he disappeared from his home in Torrance, California back in 2010. The African grey parrot originally spoke with Chick’s polished British accent but returned with a Spanish vocabulary.

Julissa Sperling, owner of Happy Tails Dog Spa, found the bird and was charmed by its ability to speak Spanish. Sperling contacted a local veterinarian who traced the microchipped bird back to its original owner.

The Spanish speaking parrot initially bit Chick and kept mentioning some guy named Larry. How Nigel survived and picked up Spanish remains a mystery as does the identity of the Spanish speaking Larry.


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This Cockatoo Has Stompy Feet (Turn up the volume)

This Cockatoo Has Stompy Feet (Turn up the volume)

Onni, which means luck and happiness in Finnish, is a baby umbrella cockatoo that loves his daddy. Onni also loves to do a little foot stomping. Tap dancing is one of his favorite things to do in life! Turn up the volume and listen to those happy feet.
He has perfected this!!!!!

Follow Onni’s antics at: https://www.instagram.com/onni_cockatoo/

SSL 173 ~ TIKI Chatter ~ 18month African Grey Parrot First Words

SSL 173 ~ TIKI Chatter ~ 18month African Grey Parrot First Words

Yes, TIKI, our African Grey Parrot that lives onboard “SOPHISTICATED LADY” with us, is really coming into her own lately… African Greys are notoriously good talkers but at only 18 months old she’s definitely getting an early start.. you can hear her already working on several different voices and many new words that I’m sure she’ll be much more fluent in the very near future! Hope you enjoy her intermission recital, and tomorrow we’ll get back to our re-fit so we can get back to sailing! Thanks for watching! 🙂

Captain Rick

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How my Parrot wake me up-My Beautiful bird

How my Parrot wake me up-My Beautiful bird

My Beautiful green ring-neck Parrot wants me to wake up and play with him.Ring-neck parrots are active and intelligent birds they need lot of attention from there owner and they want to play with them and make beautiful voices.They have excellent skill to make all kind of human voices with very clear voice

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