TigerBird New Hit Single African Grey Parrot best song talk

TigerBird New Hit Single African Grey Parrot best song talk


TigerBirds NEW DVD Can Help Your Kids Get Interested In Reading! Full Captions on EVERY SCREEN!

Just search for Tigerbird in the eBay search box and then look at my feedback! People and parrots alike LOVE HIM! Here are a few examples of recent feedback from Tiger’s eBay site…

Awesome CD – Love Tigerbirds talking ability! hugs

It sounds real.
And my neighbors bird loves hearing it through the walls. Get It

PERFECT!!! I don’t know who loves this cd more, my african grey or me! good kisses!!!

Excellent! my A. Grey is in love w Tigerbird talks back to CD. Thanks a million.

Superb seller and terrific item.
Great communication, speedy delivery. A++++++

You might want to pick up the 2 CD package. Disk 1 has TigerBird teaching your bird to talk. See the eBay site for a list of the current phrases. More phrases are on the way…

TigerBird will say something like “Hop on a perch”, wait 15 seconds, and then repeat it. Then he’ll say something like “Can you do it?”, or “You say it!”, or “Say it! Say…” and then repeat the phrase. More info on the eBay page…

Disk 2 is 75 minutes of TigerTalk! A long list of some of the things he says on Disk 2 is on the eBay site.

Play it for your parrot! Like the feedbacks are showing…

Parrots Love It!

They’re talking back to the CD! A great training aid for birds!

And now, “TigerBird – The DVD” is another tool you can use to help your bird learn to talk! Here is part of an email I received today regarding a DVD purchase…

I am anxiously awaiting this delivery so that I can get started with TigerBird’s program. My youngster, Ozzy, is an 8 month old CAG. He has already picked up quite a few words and started talking at 5 months. We watch YouTube all the time and came across your videos today. He was so interested and watched intently. Even my two Senegals seemed excited. I’ll let you know what happens over the next few weeks.


Ginger from Arizona.

All I can say is that our “Fids” may be infinitely more intellegent than we ever suspected! Today, we had just started talking about going to the store for a few things, when Tiger started saying “Bye! Bye Bye! ‘Ya going Bye?” and stood on his perch (in the other room!) with his foot up. That’s how he waves “Bye”! UNREAL! No sooner do we start to talk about leaving, and he’s saying “Bye!” and waving! That’s TigerBird!

Other eBay sites out there are selling Parrot Training CD’s using men’s and women’s voices. Having some stranger teach my parrot to talk just didn’t seem like a real great idea to me.

As a retired breeder of Greys, I know that parrots respond to parrots voices! Read Tiger’s story on his eBay page. He wasn’t speaking AT ALL at two years of age. Well, look at him now!

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss the next TigerBird video! What will that bird say next? Stay Tuned!

“Alex the Grey” showed the world how intelligent these birds are. Well, Tigerbird has proved that they are pretty good talkers too! Don’t miss his next video! We miss you Alex!

In this video, Tiger does his New Hit Single, “bup-che-buz”! Check it out! This bird has rhythm and a whole lot of soul!

Amazing Green Parrot is Vegetarian…Taking Rest In The Nest.

Amazing Green Parrot is Vegetarian…Taking Rest In The Nest.

Free video about vegetarian monk parakeet. This free video was created for you by http://epsos.de and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of epSos.de as the original author of this vegetarian monk parakeet video.

Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

The parrot, also known as blonde, ajeru, Ajuru, jeru, is one of the many birds belonging to the order Psittaciformes, family Psittacidae, mainly of the genus Amazona. Some parrots are able to mimic sounds and even the human speech.

The vegetarian monk parakeet or Argentina parrot is a species of bird in the family of parrots and distributed naturally from South America and has been introduced in many countries. It is prized as a pet; born in summer and make their nests at a height that can reach 10 meters.

The vegetarian monk parrot is a bird that many years is sought as a pet, especially among Argentines. To this end, it is customary to bring down their nests in summer times where the chicks are removed (more than 30 per nest), and sold as young as possible, as early upbringing makes them more domesticated.

The vegetarian monk Parakeet is mostly green and has the typical long tail parrot. The forehead is bluish-gray, the rest of the head and the chest are gray. The beak is light brown and the iris dark brown. vegetarian monk parakeets have a gray eye ring and gray feet. The wing feathers are blue and black, the under-wing light gray and pale blue. The tail feathers show up drawing a blue and green, the underside is lined with light green to light blue. Males and females are colored alike and externally indistinguishable. For clear distinction therefore a genetic or blood test must be used.

vegetarian monk parakeets build in trees and palm trees large communal nests. This is a phenomenon among the parrot birds are cavity nesters in general. It is interesting that the nests are divided into “apartments”, each inhabited by a couple. Each “apartment” in turn consists of several specialized chambers for sleeping, brooding and stay.

This species is green, with touches of blue and gray. Its fast straight flight the treetops can make it difficult to observe. When on the ground, it has a characteristic and awkward gait.

This vegetarian bird species is remarkable in that it is the only one of the parakeets that build large communal nests with multiple entries, made of branches and twigs, which can reach several meters in size.

The vegetarian monk Parakeet is the only species of parrot that builds its own nest. All other group members ( parrots, macaws, etc.) nest in holes in tree hollows, ravines or termite mounds. The pairs of parakeets nest with the rest of his band and can form nests Community with a maximum of one meter in diameter and 200 kg in weight. Nests are cylindrical structures closed nests attached to the neighbors through the walls outside. The parakeets build their nests with sticks, in the higher branches of different trees.

In nature, feeding the parakeets consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, shrubs and grasses, flowers and buds, and even in captivity, it is not recommended to use food out of this pattern.

In southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, the Monk Parakeet is considered pests in areas of cultivation of maize and sorghum and in orchards. With the disappearance of the forests where they lived, the parakeets started to look for food crops that now occupy their natural habitat. With easy food and phasing of their predators, such as hawks, the population of the species increased easily.

Also in Europe there are breeding communities, particularly in Barcelona of Spain and Belgium . Were released at the beginning of the twentieth century in the parks of the city of Brussels and is nowadays possible to find them a significant part of urban green spaces. However begin to emerge possible sightings of the species in other nearby urban areas.

The cultivation of eucalyptus, originating in Australia and introduced in Brazil between the years 1855 and 1870, also has an important role in the population explosion of parakeets. The Parakeet found in eucalyptus perfect place to nest, building nests in the upper branches of eucalyptus (10 meters high), eggs, chicks and adults are very well protected from attack by natural enemies and hindering population control by of man.

Ferocious parrot growls and fights with kitchen rug

Ferocious parrot growls and fights with kitchen rug

Growling is an instinctive defensive behavior and African grey parrots will growl in response to a perceived threat. It’s a natural behavior that they exhibit in the wild with other flock mates. Einstein here is fine with the rug unless it is moved or replaced. He made peace with it by the end of the day with the continued reassurance of his owner.

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