Congo African Grey Parrots Bonded Pair of Syed Ovais Bilgrami

Congo African Grey Parrots Bonded Pair of Syed Ovais Bilgrami

Extremely Beautiful Bonded Pair Ready for Breed Congo African Grey Parrots Hen Bird Start Sitting in Nest Box in the mean while Cock Bird Starts Guarding Nest Box Dna done along with Sexing Certificates available for sale in just 45000/pair. (Personally Recommended). Can be delivered all over Pak in 24 hours through Airways, Railways and Road ways LIVE and HEALTHY Birds Arrival Guaranteed. Minimum Shipping Cost 1500/Crate any 1 interested plz call 0092-321-2566273 for further info. Cash on Delivery only for Karachi. Ovais.

How to Measure Proof With Parrot

How to Measure Proof With Parrot

Alright everyone, thanks for tuning in. This is Kyle Brown at Clawahmmer Supply and today I’m going to show you how to proof moonshine using a copper parrot. First of all, what is a parrot? It’s simply a device that holds a proofing hydrometer. Here’s how it works.
Alcohol from a still flows directly into the collection cup at the top of the parrot and then down, around, and up into a chamber that holds a spirit hydrometer. It sort of works like an artesian well. The sprit floats the hydrometer, allowing you to view the proof, and then it flows out of the device into your collection jar.
Here’s our parrot kit in action. The proof on this run started out in the range of about 160, but as you can see, we’re running some tails and it’s getting fairly low. Once it’s in the range of about 10% – 20% we’ll shut down the still.
I like using a parrot with a proofing hydrometer because it allows for greater control of the run. Knowing real time proof will help you make better cuts, and the end result will be a better tasting and smelling product.
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Also, consider watching our parrot assembly video. Or, if you’ve seen enough and are convinced you need one, click on the “buy a parrot link” below and order one today.

types of macaw(top breeds from macaw all our the world & very beautyful parrot)

types of macaw(top breeds from macaw all our the world & very beautyful parrot)

macaw parrot is a very beautyfull parrot ,this video discribe all types of macaw parrot or different types ,different color include in this parrot bread this parrot is very expensive ,

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Blue and Gold Macaw.
Blue Throated Macaw.
Buffon’s Macaw.
Green-winged Macaw.
Military Macaw.
Red-fronted Macaw.
Scarlet Macaw.



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Parrots As Pets – 8 Parrot Species Described

Parrots As Pets – 8 Parrot Species Described
Parrots are wonderful creatures with their stunningly beautiful colors, super intellect, and their show-stopping ability to speak words and imitate sounds. If you are considering adopting a Parrot here are brief descriptions of eight types. Most have considerable life spans, so knowing what to expect will go a long way towards helping you choose once and well.

African Greys are medium size birds that are grey and sometimes have a red tail and or red wings. Many speak using a large vocabulary of words, and imitate sounds they hear, but there is no guarantee that every Grey, and more specifically, your Grey will speak. Buying the bird for this feature is not a good idea. They can be very loud, and sometimes even scream. They are demanding in terms of the human attention they need, but will more than reward your attention with love and loyalty.

Cockatiels are gentle natured birds that are generally less expensive than most other parrots. They are a great choice for a first time bird owner because they are non-aggressive and adapt very easily to their humans particularly if they have been weaned, hand fed, and adopted when very young.