Cockatude 42 Solving the Mystery of Parrot Behaviors

Cockatude 42 Solving the Mystery of Parrot Behaviors

Cockatude 42, Solving the Mystery of Parrot Behavior, is an ambitious project. I did my best to explain the method that professional behaviorists use to solve the mystery of parrot behavior. My hope was to do this in mostly plain English.

I hope that you will find it insightful and to help in your world. Forgive me for my shortcomings if you find the material a little difficult to understand. I hope that it will make sense and feel free to contact me if there’s something you need clarified.

It is difficult enough to explain our tools in a classroom environment. Someday maybe you’ll get the pleasure of sitting in a room full of cockatoos and explaining something like this. Won’t that be fun?

This episode is an introduction. I don’t make any claims to cover these amazing tools and perceptions completely. If you want to learn the subject from the master herself, Dr. Susan Friedman PhD, I suggest you head over to and sign up for her professional course. I do recommend that you have a college background and good study skills. It’s not easy and your pocket book will be lighter but the rewards are out of this world.

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

These links are to awareness tests that will surprise you. We think we know exactly what we are seeing but do we? Cognitive scientists say no. This videos prove it!

Awareness test:

Basketball test: No matter how closely you watch this video you will probably not get the right answer!

Is he a Guinea Pig? R2D2? Or is he mimicking cleaning glass? | LOL | you decide!

Is he a Guinea Pig? R2D2? Or is he mimicking cleaning glass? | LOL | you decide!

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo.
Letty the African Grey.
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Gotcha the Guinea Pig lol!
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❗️❗️❗️85% of parrots are either resold, given away, or abandoned within just 2 short years of being purchased. ADOPT DONT SHOP! Rescues are full of these wonderful birds, neglected, abandoned, and thrown out by inexperienced and most uneducated people that didn’t know the kind of work and commitment it takes to have birds. STOP UNNECESSARY BIRD BREEDING FOR PROFIT, and help these magnificent creatures.
If you are unable to adopt then please consider donating to a rescue/sanctuary that volunteers their time to help these animals in need. 💚
I cannot stress enough how heartbreaking this sad truth is…. Too many people impulse buy parrots because of cute or funny traits they’ve seen in other birds. ❗️No two parrots are alike…
A life stuck in a cage is cruel and so unfair to these magnificent beautiful creatures.
They deserve the absolute best!
So if you are interested in a parrot, please research, volunteer at a parrot rescue/sanctuary, KNOW what you’re getting yourself into before you take on the work that comes with loving and homing a parrot.
Parrots are a LIFETIME commitment. They can live up to 80+ years!!
I’ve given up many many things to give my two parrots the best life they can possibly have! (Night out, gone on weekends, vacation time, a clean quiet house, extra money.. Etc.)
But to me it’s all worth it, my parrots are my family and I love them like my children!
Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before adopting.
After all, we have our friends, our jobs, and our hobbies…
They only have us💗❗️❗️

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