African Grey thinks he is a dog

African Grey thinks he is a dog

This is Pepsi, a Temneh African Grey. He is 4 1/2 years old and he is on sale at the Paterson Bird Store in Totowa, NJ. Pepsi was apart of a loving family; however, they are expecting another baby (congrats) and can no longer properly care for him. He is very sweet, and as you can see, FUNNY.

If you are interested in making Pepsi apart of YOUR family, please call the Paterson Bird Store at (973) 785 – 0096

Salesman Parrot

Salesman Parrot

One talented African Grey Parrot named Carl may well become the employee of the year in Ceska Pojistovna, the biggest insurance company on the Czech market. Sounds crazy? Not to Young & Rubicam Prague, who came up with a surprising on-site marketing promotion, in which they used the parrot as an actual sales agent.

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Mr.Sinnizter DaTrucker: Blue Parrott B450-XT Head Set Review

Mr.Sinnizter DaTrucker: Blue Parrott B450-XT Head Set Review

In this video, I’m doing a video review on Blue Parrott B450-XT that I got sent to me by Blue Parrott Company Special Thanks To Alex.
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Funny Parrots Videos 🐦 Smart Birds [Epic Laughs]

Funny Parrots Videos 🐦 Smart Birds [Epic Laughs]

Look what this parrot does to the cat at 0:45 😂🐦
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Настя Степанова
Попугай и ребенок
Виктория Охотникова
Амазон “плачет” как ребёнок
Прикольные попугайчики!
Прикольный попугай
Мурочка Кошечкина
Попугай говорит с котом. Прикольное видео.
смешной попугай ест с вилки , a parrot eats
Аржаных Анна
Попугай и кот – прикол
Funny videos parrot teasing cute child
teja reddy
cat and parrot comedy clip
carly 88
Best iPad Game for Parrot/Lovebird: Paw Me

Parrot Forum
Funny Parrot v/s Cat !!
аи Ghv
Попугай жако ест ложкой
Попугаи купаются и принимают душ (подборка) 🙂

Тайный мир животных
Смешной попугай любит играться

Евгений Труляля
Смешной попугайчик Жорж купается опять ))

смешной попугай ест с вилки , a parrot eats

вера савенкова
смешные попугайчики

Илейна Черри
Попугайчик Оскар рулит! Смешные видео с животными, смешные животные (видео про попугаев)

Funny Pets
Смешные домашние животные – Попугай и Шиншила

Смешной попугай Кеша
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(Precious) Cinnamon Conure Feeding a 7day old Baby gcc

(Precious) Cinnamon Conure Feeding a 7day old Baby gcc

Precious is the Baby of Skippie and Ruby conures. this is the second Clutch she participates with. So Precious is feeding a brother or sister..
We had to take this baby away from the parents They abondoned the little guy.
The baby is 6 days younger than the older 2, I think this is why it was to over whelming for the mother (Ruby)
Precious and Sunny will be amazing parents some day..