Recent Kakapo Hatchings in New Zealand Boost Population

Recent Kakapo Hatchings in New Zealand Boost Population

Kakapos are making a sweet little comeback in New Zealand.

Kakapos are making a sweet little comeback in New Zealand. A few new chicks have finally arrived in the country, due to a slight but very significant baby boom.

The chicks are the first to be born in three years. The six chicks have made New Zealand’s kakapo population reach the 130 mark. The species is often called the owl parrot, given their striking resemblance to owls.

Native to New Zealand, the ground dwelling birds, which can weigh up to 8 pounds, are entirely flightless and are thought to be the world’s rarest and most bizarre parrot.

Kakapos are considered to be critically endangered. Contributing to their scarceness is the fact they only breed about three times over the course of a decade.

Prior to the recent hatchings, the last time any chicks were born was in 2011. On February 28th of this year, the first surviving chick named Lisa One hatched.

She’s definitely a fighter as her mother crushed the egg prior to the hatching. Luckily, rangers intricately pieced it back together. Five of the hatchings took place on the predator free Codfish Island, while the remaining one hatched on Little Barrier Island.

Three of them were taken in by the New Zealand Department of Conservation’s Kakapo Recovery program where they will be hand fed. Another two were fostered to kakapo mothers and will be continuously monitored.


2 Easy DIY Parrot Toys

2 Easy DIY Parrot Toys

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